Emotional Healing | Dr. Katharina Johnson - Part 2

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How to heal from Anxiety

Chronic anxiety has become an epidemic in the Western world. This article is meant to increase your awareness of often overlooked factors that contribute to or cause anxiety and help you to consider treatment

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Emotional Cleansing

Emotional Cleansing is the gentle and quick process which eliminates negative feeling and beliefs to transform your life.

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Healing Anxiety from the Perspective of a Medical Intuitive

One of the most common complaints I hear in my practice is anxiety. That nagging feeling of unease and fear that might be directed towards something or someone, or might just be there for no obvious reason.This

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How to beat the winter blues

Many millions of Americans experience a change in mood during the Winter times: Seasonal affective Disorder or SAD affects around 3% of the population. Lack of sunlight can trigger a change in mood and

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