FAQ for Medical Intuitive Sessions and Health Consultations

Please note: I use my extensive medical knowledge AND my medical intuitive skills in every health consultation, regardless if you have purchased a package or a single session. To make it easy for you to find your question, I have put the FAQ into two different categories.

FAQ for Medical Intuitive Sessions

What happens during a medical intuitive session?

How can I prepare for a medical intuitive session?

Why do you only do phone sessions?

I am a bit nervous. Will you be able to see what I did yesterday?

Do you also work with children?

Do I have to believe in this method for it to work?

How can i pay?

Do you offer a payment plan?

FAQ Health Consultations 

Who do you work with?

What is unique about your approach?

How will I benefit from a health consultation?

What can I expect when working with you?

Why do you place empathies on stress reduction and emotional health?

Can you guarantee my full recovery after working with you?

Will you prescribe medication for me?

Will you be able to order lab test for me?

Will you help me wean myself off prescription medication?

You have a medical background. Why can you not be my primary care physician?

What if I miss a call?

What if I have to reschedule my call?

Do you take insurance?

What is your refund policy? 

Currently I cannot invest working with you directly. Do you have another program I can participate in?

Can I speak to you before committing to purchasing a health consultation package?

Deena M. Emeryville, CA

Katharina is definitely tuned in! She told me things about my body I had not told her. I was skeptical about using Skype but she totally was able to work on me without my being in her office. I loved the imagery she used while she directed the healing part of the session. I felt immediate relief in the area where I had pain and it continues to be clear. She recommended a supplement that she does not sell and even sent me information on where to find it directly. Her knowledge is profound in the healing arts I believe. She is the REAL DEAL!

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