Activate Your Intuition to Help You Heal

Intuition is the realm of your spirt. Your spirit is the never changing, untouchable and always whole part of your Being. You can learn to communicate with your spirit and use its guidance through the power of intuition to help you make decisions that will guide you along your journey.

Intuition is an amazing ability that you can learn to tap into and which will help you on your journey to heal yourself. Intuition is not reserved for a few select people. In fact, you are intuitive as well! All you might need is a bit of practice and you will see that you have an inner compass built into your body that not only can help you in your daily life, but also can help you stir and guide you in the right direction, towards healing.

Many people are confused when they start practicing tapping into their intuition. What is real intuition, and what is a made-up story of the mind? With a bit of practice, you will see how easy it is to discern the two.

You might wonder why it is important to develop your intuition in the first place?

How to activate my intuition


Using Intuition for Healing

It is important because you, and only you, can know what is best for you. This also holds true when it comes to healing yourself. There are so many therapies, practitioners, supplements and advice to choose from. It can be very confusing to know what the right approach is for your condition. This is where your intuition can come in very handy. If you can tap into your intuition and follow your inner guidance whenever you are confronted with making a decision, you will intuitively know the right direction for yourself.


Tapping Into Your inner Guidance

Next time you are confronted with making a decision, take a moment and pause. (This could be a decision related to your medical condition, or any other circumstance, although I recommend you start practicing with something inconsequential at first).

Step 1:

Take a deep breath in. Center yourself and bring your attention and focus to the area of your heart. Your heart is your all-knowing organ: The one that holds tremendous wisdom and power and new research is confirming this truth: There is a two-way street of information running between your brain and your heart. Contrary to belief, this information not only travels from the brain to the heart, but it goes both ways, the heart also sends information to the brain. The heart processes information on a more intuitive way, and once it “knows”, it sends information to the brain.

Step 2:

Once you have made the connection with your heart, ask yourself a simple “yes or no”, question. For example, you could ask: “is it in my highest interest and best to use this supplement?”

Step 3:

Wait for an answer, but try to listen to your heart and not your brain. Your heart has a different style of communication than your brain, so you might get a certain feeling in your heart when asking the question: A feeling that was not there before you asked the question. The feeling can be an expansion or warmth in your heart area. It can be a constriction or even a slight pain in your heart. Whatever it is, pay attention. You might also intuitively “see” the right answer when closing your eyes while asking the question. Or maybe you can even “hear” the answer. Whatever it is, pay attention.

Since most people make decisions based solely on the information that comes from the brain, it might be a bit tricky at first when you “hear” the answer. This could be your brain communicating to you. In this case, pay extra attention to your heart area. Does it still feel open or does it constrict? An open feeling is a whole-hearted “yes”, while a constriction means “no”.

Step 4:

When you have gotten your answer, acknowledge the wisdom of your heart. Say “thank you” to your heart. This will help you for future questions and communication with your heart. And then, of course, ACT on your intuition! This is important as it is the only way of knowing if the answer was correct.

Only use this technique in the beginning for “yes/no” questions, and as a safety reminder: Please NEVER use this technique for any type of prescription medication. Use common sense and always cooperate with your treating health care practitioner.

This simple, but powerful technique will help you over time to establish a new found sense of inner knowing and guidance. It is actually very liberating to know you are never “alone” in your decision. Your body is here to help and when you learn to listen to its inner wisdom, you can learn to follow your inner guidance, moving you towards a wonderful place of health, wellbeing and healing.

Using intuition for selfhealing