Heal Your Symptom

If you are suffering from a physical symptom right now and you are eager to explore how you can heal your symptom, let me first explain to you what your symptom truly is:

The True Meaning of Your Symptom

The symptom is your body´s attempt to communicate with you. The symptom is not something “bad”, but it is your body’s language and message to you that something is out of balance on a much deeper level than you might be aware of right now. The simple truth is that the body has no other means of communicating to you that something is not “at ease” other than by producing a symptom.

This means that once you understand what your body is trying to communicate to you through its symptom, when you can tap into the body´s innate wisdom. When you do so, you will intuitively know what your body needs in order to truly heal.

Unfortunately, in our society we have not learned to listen to our bodies and to live in harmony with it. Most people live solely “in their heads” and do not feel connected to their bodies. This disconnection between the head and the body often makes it hard to tune into your body and its tremendous wisdom.

I was no exception. I literally spent 20 years of my life not feeling like I was truly living in my body. I was completely disconnected from it and ignored most of its warning signs. I pushed myself to too much exercise, crazy diets and did not give it a well-deserved rest. All while expecting it to run smoothly and with no upsets.

If this does sound familiar to you, do not worry, you are not alone!

Healing the Relationship with Your Body

It is possible to restore the connection to your body and this is best done when you first heal the relationship you have with your body and your symptom.

Healing this relationship is very important because everything in life is relationship: You are constantly relating to other people, your environment, your thoughts and emotions, yourself and of course, your body.

When the relationship with your body is strained, you tend to ignore your body, feel angry with it, or feel disconnected from it. This is when “dis-ease” develops.

So how can you heal this relationship?

When you realize that your body is your friend (which it truly is), then healing this friendship might not as hard as it seems to be at first. Think about it: How would you reconnect with a long lost friend? Would you surprise him or her with a gift? Would you be loving and kind to her? Would you tell your friend that you missed her and that life is not as good without her? Would you have some fun with her? Would you ask her how she has been and if there is something you can do for her?

Since your body is your friend who has patiently waited for you to reconnect with it, what do you think it needs so it can rekindle this most important friendship?

Some people start by making an effort to tune into their bodies throughout the day and noticing what it needs: Healthy food, rest, exercise, touch, or loving and compassionate thoughts?

When you start to treat your body as your friend again, you are on your way to healing. The more you make an effort to do so, the easier it will become. Of course, this practice requires practice and patience, but the more you stick to it, the easier it will become.

Once you feel more connected to your body, you can also ask it direct questions and wait for the answers to intuitively come to you. Start by making yourself comfortable and take a few deep breaths into your belly. Center yourself and feel into your body. Once you have established a connection to your body, ask it directly:

What do you need to heal? or What stands in my way of healing?

Wait for the answer to intuitively come to you. The answer might arise as a thought that suddenly pops up in your mind. It can come as a feeling, a dream, a symbol or simply an inner knowing. Whatever you experience, pay attention and most importantly: be patient with yourself and your body. You are practicing to speak a new and foreign language, the language of your body.

Once you learn to speak your body´s language and understand its message, you know what to do to give your body exactly what it needs so it can heal itself.