Using the Power of Your Mind to Heal Yourself

I am sure you know that your mind is powerful… but do you know just how powerful it is? Your mind is a very important tool when it comes to healing yourself as every thought you think translates into a chemical reaction, which turns into an emotion and causes a physiological response in your body.

Depending upon the “quality” of these thoughts, if they are positive and uplifting, or negative and depressing, your body will react with either improved health, or declining health.

On average, we think about 50,000 thoughts per day, but unfortunately, most of these thoughts are unconscious and negative. Such thoughts are filled with worry, anxiety and upset. As you can imagine, these negative thoughts are not conducive for healing yourself.

Thoughts can help you tremendously when you learn to change them into positive and life affirming ones. The power of your mind is actually so strong that it will play a crucial role in your quest to heal yourself.

Healing through thoughts

One special kind of thought which has a huge impact on you is a belief. A belief is nothing other than a thought with a corresponding strong feeling of conviction in your body. When you strongly believe in something then you create a (mostly unconscious) law for yourself. Suddenly you experience yourself, your friends or your life circumstances in a certain way, according to your belief. When it comes to healing, the beliefs about being able to heal yourself are the most important. When you believe you can heal, then chances are high that you actually will!

This is due to the fact that a strong and positive healing belief triggers chemical reactions in your body that will affect your immune system in a positive way, making it possible for your body to move towards the desired outcome.

But what about negative healing beliefs? They, too, will have an impact (although negative) on you and your body. Common negative healing beliefs are: “I cannot heal myself”; “It is impossible to heal myself”; or, “I do not know what to do to heal myself”.

Exploring your own beliefs around health and healing can be a very eye opening experience!

Here are two simple exercise that will help you change negative beliefs into positive and health affirming ones. Depending on if you are a visual or more intellectual person, one exercise will be easier for you than the other. Just pick the one you are most comfortable with.


Changing Negative Beliefs Into Positive Ones

If you are a visual person and it is easy for you to imagine things, use this simple belief changing exercise:


Think about your negative belief and visualize a color that represents your belief. It does not matter which color you pick, it can be anything from white, to black, or any other color.


In your mind’s eye, imagine that the color which represents your negative belief is actually a balloon. Take the balloon and blow it up. While you blow it up visualize all negative emotions, feelings and pain that this belief has caused you to go into the balloon. Now tie the balloon up. You can see the balloon right in front of you


Imagine taking a needle and now pinch the balloon. When you do so, you can see your negative belief exploding and leaving you for good.


Now that this negative belief has left you, feel into your body and notice the difference and the relief that comes with it. Congratulations! You have cleared a negative belief that does not serve you anymore.


Now think about the positive belief that you want to experience. Feel into the energy of this life affirming belief. It is now taking the place of the negative belief that just left you.

Use this belief changing exercise if you are more “intellectual”:


Make a list and write down all the beliefs (positive and negative) about your ability to heal yourself. When you do this, you may be surprised to see what comes up. Do not censor yourself and don’t be alarmed if you discover that you have both positive and negative healing beliefs. This is very common.


Identify the negative healing belief that you think has the biggest negative impact on you.


Challenge your beliefs: Since you know that a belief is nothing other than a thought, and you also know that it is possible to “change your mind”, and to change your thoughts, ask yourself this question: “How can I know with absolute and unshakable certainty that this belief is really true?” Take your time to really ponder this question. When you do, you will notice that you cannot possible KNOW that this particular belief is true. Why? Because a belief is nothing other than a thought and is not rooted in reality. Yes, there might be indicators that your particular negative healing belief holds some truth, but the contrary is always also true.

If you believe you cannot heal your particular condition, because you have tried to heal it and so far to no avail, this does not mean that you will not be able to do so in the near future. You cannot possible know that. And, there are people who have had the very same condition that you are struggling with right now, who have been able to heal themselves.

As you can see, you can challenge your negative healing beliefs. If you really take your time to inquire, than you will realize that you are actually free to believe whatever you want to believe.


Add emotion to your new belief: To make a newly adopted positive healing belief more powerful, you can play with adding the emotion of conviction to your belief, once you think about your belief. This is best done when you first think about something that you strongly believe in (this can be anything, like “tomorrow will be a new day”) while observing the feeling of conviction in your body. Most likely, there will be a sense of strength, power or even calmness when you think about your belief. Just notice the feeling of conviction in your body.


Anchor the new belief in your body: Stay in the feeling of conviction and now think about your new and positive healing belief, while still trying to maintain the feeling of conviction.

This might not be easy to do in the very beginning. However, remember that you are now giving your body a new “command” (belief) and your body needs to get used to combining this new thought with the feeling of conviction.

Just practice this easy but very effective technique and you will find that the more often you do it, the easier it will become. You are now creating an “anchor” in your body, which helps you in maintaining the new belief. Once you have successfully done so, Voila! You have instilled a new and positive healing belief that your body can now use to heal itself. You have started to step into your power and unleashed the power of your mind!