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Learn to stay calm and peaceful no matter your cirumstances!

In this guided healing meditation, Dr. Katharina will help you to open yourself up to the flow of life. When you are open, you are in total alignment with the flow of life. Your body and mind are calm as you are certain that you are connected to the Universe and God. Your heart is open and you feel joy and love in your heart. You also know that the Universe is helping you to fulfill your dreams and wishes.

The background music is recorded with Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats) technology, which will help shift your brainwaves into a Theta brainwave. This is the brain-state that is associated with deep relaxation, healing, accessing your intuition, and super-learning.

With positive affirmations and powerful subliminal messages for making fast changes. (scroll down for a longer description)

Run time: 24:32 minutes



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