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Watch the three videos in order so that you can make the most out of it!


Discover what it means to truly transcend Duality and how it can help you to advance on your spiritual journey real fast! One you are done watching this video, proceed to the next one called "Advanced Energy Clearing with Eye Movements".


In this video, Katharina will share with you an energy based healing technique that uses eye movements to activate both parts of the brain at the same time so that you can release negative emotions and feelings quickly. This technique is very effective and only takes a few minutes to complete. it is so easy to do, you can even teach your child how to do it. Watch this video along with the video "Transcending Duality" before proceeding to the video "Healing with the Resonance Field and the Paper Technique".


In order to follow the teachings in this video, make sure to first watch the video "Transcending Duality" and "Advanced Energy Clearing with Eye Movements".

In this video, Katharina will teach you an extraordinary method to help you truly transcend any duality within you. Only when you know and understand both polarities, and you can experience them from a place of unity and love, are you able to integrate and transcend them. Once you do so, you will become liberated and be able to advance in your spiritual understanding and knowledge.

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