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Would you like to finally get to the root of your emotional or physical health concerns?

Are you looking for effective strategies and solutions that will help you heal?

Do you want trusted help from someone with both the credentials and personal experience to help you fully unlock your innate ability to heal?

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Why this is unique

I am Katharina Johnson and my passion and life’s mission is to help you unlock your inner healing powers. I can help you bring clarity to the puzzle that is your health as I can bridge western medicine, alternative medicine and the science of medical intuition to help you heal.

I am one of only a few people in the world who has both a medical degreee in family medicine and the insight of a medical intuitive. This unique combination allows me to see your health challenge in a truly holistic way.In order to heal you have to see beyond the purely physical manifestation of your illness. Your energy, emotions, mental state, spirit and environment all work together and need to be taken into consideration.

Because most therapies only focus on one of these aspects, healing is often hard as nearly all approaches fail to connect all dots. This is why medical intuition is so powerful. By seeing the bigger picture, I can develop effective solutions and strategies that are tailored to your unique situation so that you can step into your power and regain your health!



What others say about Katharina:

Dr. Brigitte Essl

Katharina carries the rare gift of true intuitive insight, her work being close to the miraculous. Over the years I have send her patients, family and friends with difficult health situations, relationship issues and occupational obstacles. Katharina clears the blockages, the outcomes over time being physical healing or graceful transformation of life events. I highly recommend her!

I used to work with Katharina on different topics every summer when she was in Austria for more than three years now. I appreciate her work a lot and learned a lot about myself through working with her method. I was pleased to hear about her new Online Seminar as this makes us independent of time and places. I can assure you that this seminar will change the way you see your life and will help you heal and become whole again on many different levels. This seminar puts the power back to where it belongs, to YOU. Thank you Katharina for sharing your wisdom with us. I wished everyone had the possibility to go through this live changing experience.

Sonja R.
Eleni R. 

I worked with Katharina because I was emotionally and psychologically stuck all my life. I could never really go to the source of my problem, but Katharina found and cleared this pattern that was torturing me very fast and showed me how to transmute the negative patterns and live a happy life. This is a priceless gift for me. I couldnt be more grateful.