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The Emotional and Mental Causes for Chronic Fatigue

In my practice, I work a lot with people who suffer from low levels of energy. Some even experience chronic fatigue on a daily basis and are dealing with Fibromyalgia.I too am no stranger to fatigue and

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Epigenetics: The Power to Control Your Genes Is Within You

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week at Rythmia, a beautiful holistic retreat center in Costa Rica. One of the highlights of this trip was spending time with Dr. Bruce Lipton, the New York Times

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A Turkey Gone Rogue – And a Beautiful Reminder

I have spent the past few weeks in a beautiful retreat center in Northern California, enjoying a wonderful and healthy balance between work, soaking in the natural springs and taking care of myself. When

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We are all connected

This is a beautiful video I wanted to share with you. It explains what Entanglement is and how we are all connected. I especially loved what was said in the video: ” love is the force that unifies

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How does Distant Healing Work?

Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: How does distant healing work?The short answer

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The New Biology – from Victim to Master

Watch this amazing video from Dr. Bruce Lipton. He explains why our thoughts have a crucial impact on our  health and well-being, and when you master them, you not only change your DNA and your body,

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