Intuitive Readings

What are Intuitive Readings?

Intuitive readings are a great way to help you gain clarity when you feel stuck in any area of your life.
When you are faced with a problem, it’s often hard to find the right course of action because you are too deeply involved in it. Solutions arise when you gain a higher consciousness or awareness about the issue. From this vantage point, you will know exactly what to do.

As an intuitive energy healer, I can see your problem from this higher consciousness, and help you find the answers you need. I believe that everyone is intuitive. However, some people just have a more natural ability to access the higher brain states that are responsible for intuition. Of course, lots of practice is required as well to be able to genuinely help someone with their problems by using the power of intuition.

I have been doing intuitive readings for over fifteen years, and in thousands of hours of meditation, I have trained myself to switch from the logical thinking mind to the intuitive mind that simply “knows”. 


Intuition is the highest form of intelligence

Albert Einstein 

It is believed that intuition is a matter of a specific brain wave state that operates in the Theta frequency (3.5 to 7.5 Hz). This frequency is connected to intuition and creativity and reflects the state between wakefulness and sleep. It is also connected to the subconscious mind.

By accessing the subconscious mind, I can connect to what is called the “quantum field”. This is the energy field that connects us all, and most importantly, it is the field of knowledge. Everything is recorded in this field and I can access this vast information to intuitively see why you are struggling and help you resolve your issue.

Benefits of Intuitive Readings

Get the Clarity You Need

Intuitive readings can help you get the clarity you need in areas like physical and emotional health, relationships and more.

Get Help with a Physical Issue

A Medical Intuitive Session can help you to quickly get to the root of your health issue. Learn more here.

Get Help with an Emotional Issue

A Rapid Emotional Clearing session can help you to quickly get to the root of your emotional issue and help you heal. Learn more here

Types of Intuitive Readings offered:


Get to the root of your health challenge quickly

Currently, I am offering two types of intuitive readings. I am offering intuitive readings in the areas of physical and emotional health.

 If you have a physical issue and want to get clarity on why you are sick, what the deeper meaning of your symptom is, and how to move forward, a medical intuitive reading or session is recommended.

 If you need help resolving an emotional issue and you want to feel better quickly, a Rapid Emotional Clearing Session is best for you. You can also book this type of intuitive reading if you have relationship issues.

How Intuitive Readings can Help You

Intuitive readings can help you in a number of ways. For example, when you are struggling with an emotional issue that you cannot seem to resolve, an intuitive reading can quickly shed light onto the core of the problem. Emotional issues like depression, grief, or anxiety have a root cause, which I can intuitively see.

Often, the root cause can be found in your childhood. However, sometimes the true cause is a bit more hidden and it might originate from a traumatic birth experience or even by something that you experienced while you were in your mother`s womb. Since the developing baby is so closely connected to the expecting mother, the baby will experience everything the mother is feeling. If the mother considers aborting the baby it will leave a traumatic energetic imprint on the developing nervous system of the baby ,which often leads to anxiety later in life.

Other root causes of unexplained emotional problems can be found within your lineage. The science of epigenetic explains that traumatic experiences of your ancestors can have a direct impact on how your genes are expressed. This can make you susceptible to specific illnesses. An intuitive reading can also shed light onto such a root cause.

These are just some examples of how an intuitive reading can help you. I want to point out that if you need help with an emotional issue to please book a Rapid Emotional Clearing session. In a Rapid Emotional Clearing session, I not only help you to find the root cause of your problem, but you will also receive a powerful energy healing that will help you resolve it.

Intuitive readings can also be used if you experience problems in your relationship or you are unsure if the person you are with is a good fit for you. In this case, I can see how the energies flow between you and your partner and what stands in your way to experiencing a fulfilling love life. The flow of energies between two people is extremely important when it comes to a healthy, long-term relationship.

If you are energetically “incompatible”, the relationship will not last as there will be too much stress between you and your partner. Sometimes, you are energetically “compatible” but unresolved childhood issues or destructive patterns of behavior are the issue. In this case, please book a Rapid Emotional Clearing session as I can also help you with resolving these issues and patterns.

An medical intuitive reading can also be used in case you struggle with a physical symptom. Usually, when you see a physician you will get a diagnosis and a prescription medication. However, when it comes to chronic issues, this approach is not enough because the underlying root causes are never addressed.

You are more than just a physical body and your emotional state, your patterns of thinking, your diet and even your environment play a role in your health and well-being. A medical intuitive reading sheds light onto all of these areas and will help you to understand why you got sick, and most importantly, help you to get back on a path of health and wellbeing. Learn more about what exactly a Medical Intuitive session entails.

 I want to point out that in all of my intuitive readings; I will never give you “bad news” or scare you. The most important aspect for me is to help you gain clarity and to empower you by giving you solutions and strategies that you can immediately apply. 

Katharina Johnson is perhaps the
most skilled, accurate and genuinely helpful medical intuitive I have worked with in 20 years. Personally I have benefited greatly from her work, and though one can rarely say this, I have felt tremendously improved, both physically and emotionally, after each and every telephone session.

Dr. Michelle Veneziano

My medical intuitive session with Katharina was incredibly life-changing,
both on a physical and spiritual level
and was a huge part of launching me to the next level of my own spiritual path. Since Katharina’s medical intuitive session almost a year ago, I have not only not needed to see a chiropractor, but more importantly, she helped to open my connection to my spirit guides which continues to have profound effects on my life everyday.


Read more testimonials here

How Intuitive Readings typically work

When you decide to work with me, we will typically talk for a few minutes during the beginning of the session so that I know exactly what you are looking for. It is important that you have very specific questions in mind and that you are prepared for the session. In an intuitive reading, I can take a look into many different areas regarding your health, relationships, and so forth; therefore, being specific in what you want is crucial.

Next, I will intuitively scan your energy field. Your energy field is made up of chakras and meridians. Everything is stored in this field of information: Your past, your emotions, your beliefs, and your connection to your ancestors. By reading this information, I can see where you are blocked and most importantly, what you can do to release them. In each intuitive reading, my priority is to help you resolve your issue.

This means that simply giving you the information of where the problem lies (a lot of intuitive readers do this) doesn’t work. This is why I also use energy healing or other energetic modalities like EMDR to clear the energies. Most often, I will also give you specific practices and exercises you can do to allow the healing to continue.

 Please look at the Medical Intuitive sessions, and Rapid Emotional Clearing session pages in order to learn more about each type of service.

Intuitive Readings can be done from anywhere in the world

Intuitive readings can be done from anywhere in the world. You can literally do the session with me from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to get into the car, drive around and search for a parking spot. Intuitive readings are done either by phone or through Skype, whichever your prefer. Another advantage is that for many people, it is easier to open up about an issue on the phone rather than speaking to me in person.

Why choose Dr. Katharina to Help You?


I'm Dr. Katharina

I have been doing intuitive readings for over 16 years. I am also trained as a medical doctor and have over 20 years of experience in the field of meditation and spirituality. I would love to help you resolve your issue and give you the clarity you need. You can learn more about me here.

Expertise of Dr. Katharina

Years of Experience


Clients Served

Dr. Katharina Johnson; Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer

Meeting Dr. Katharina was a blessing for me and the rewards of my medical intuitive sessions with her have altered my life profoundly and with incredible efficiency.
She helped me discover and clear deep emotional issues stemming from infancy that had significant and detrimental effects on my perspective on life as well as my relationships.

Noellette Tangtrongsakdi

Medical Intuition …
I was blown away from the result after just two sessions.
Letting go of the past and being ready for the future? This is an incredible work:-)

Eve S.

Ethical Standards of Intuitive Readings

When it comes to doing intuitive readings, I have very high ethical standards. This means that I will never intuitively “spy” on another person, nor share your information with anyone else. I also will never scare you by giving you “bad news” or “predicting” your future.  Anyone who claims to be able to precisely predict the future is in my opinion not sincere.

The future is always shifting and changing because you and other people always make decisions that influence it.  The only thing that I can intuitively see is the tendency or direction your future is going from the perspective of today. As you are changing and shifting, so does your future. So please be advised to not trust any psychic or medium who tells you exactly what your future will look like. This is highly unethical and a big “no go” when it comes to intuitive readings.

Is an Intuitive Reading right for You?


You feel stuck in your life.

You struggle with an emotional or physical issue that you can not seem to resolve.

You want to make a big shift in your life and experience rapid transformation.

You want to clear underlying negative emotions that have contributed to a physical health challenge so that your body can heal.

You are open to the concept that energy work can quickly help you to release negative emotions.


You want someone to predict your future.

You want to "spy" on another person and you don`t have permission from the other person to do so.

You want am intuitive reading just to be entertained.

Terms of Service & Medical Disclaimer for Intuitive Readings

Please notice that I do have a 48-hour cancellation policy. In case you have to re-schedule or cancel a session, please let me know 48 hours in advance to avoid any costs. Intuitive readings that are canceled without 48 hours’ notice will be charged the full amount. Sessions that are canceled due to a medical emergency are excepted. All services are non-refundable. You acknowledge that you are aware that in the consultations you will not receive medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription and that Katharina Johnson does NOT act as a primary care physician or mental health professional. For legal reasons, no medical claims are made as to the efficacy of these sessions. By purchasing an intuitive reading or package you agree to these terms. Thank you for your cooperation and I am looking forward to working with you!