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Do you experience a health challenge?

Are you tired of just taking a pill and are you looking for effective tools to get to the root of the problem?

If so, then a medical intuitive is right for you!

When you are dealing with a chronic condition, it takes more than just relying on medication to get well. You need to identify the root causes – what is making you sick – and take the appropriate steps to address the issues. When you do, your body can shift into its natural state – towards health.

Medical Intuitive - I do believe in your body´s ability to heal itself. It can do so when you remove the barriers that stand in your way and when you realize that healing takes more than just treating the symptom. If you’re dealing with a chronic illness, then a medical intuitive may be just what you need. True healing involves addressing the many different factors that play a role in chronic illness. These factors are: your emotional state, your energetic state, your thoughts and habits, your social circumstances as well as your nutritional needs and toxic burden.

It takes time to successfully work with all these different factors. Unfortunately, in a conventional doctor’s visit, your doctor spends an average of only 7 minutes with you. This is not enough time to truly understand the true nature of your issue.

In order to heal and overcome chronic disease you need a different approach.

You need someone who takes the time to listen, someone who has walked in your shoes and understands what you are going through. You need someone who sees you not just in terms of a blood test or lab report. Someone who knows that you are more than just a physical body, but an amazing Being with strengths, unique challenges and wisdom. Ultimately, you need someone who can give you solutions and strategies that will work for you.

Let me help you.

Through my extensive medical and holistic health knowledge, paired with my unique medical intuitive skills, I can help you by uncovering the root causes of your health challenge and give you truly powerful solutions that work.

I am one of only a few people in the world with a medical background who is also a medical intuitive. This combination allows me to see you and your health condition in a truly unique way. I will not only consider your official “diagnosis”, but will be able to look at other factors that Western medicine and most alternative health care providers miss. Chronic conditions require a truly unique strategy to help you heal, where your emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual health is put into the equation as well as your environmental, nutritional and social circumstances.

Medical knowledge is helpful. Intuitive Information is amazing, but both skills combined are truly powerful.

When all factors are considered and addressed, “magic” can happen and healing can be made possible by activating your body´s natural healing abilities.

When you implement new ways of being and strategies to facilitate true and lasting change, someone who guides you through the process and who gives you lasting support is needed. That´s why I offer three different “Health and Wellness Coaching Packages” that will give you the peace of mind of long term support.

1 Call “Quick Answer” Medical Intuitive Health Consultation

If you have one pressing issue that you would like to have a deeper understanding of, then this is the right option for you. Using my medical intuition and my health knowledge, you will receive insight into your current health condition that goes beyond what Western medicine has to offer. I will give you one or two of the most effective solutions that you can implement right away and which will help set you on a path to healing.

You will receive:

• 1 Phone or Skype call
• An audio recording of our call
• A follow up email with support notes

Investment in Yourself: $350

Please note: These consultations are subject to availability as priority will be given to long term clients.

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My medical intuitive session with Katharina was incredibly life-changing, both on a physical and spiritual level and was a huge part of launching me to the next level of my own spiritual path. Katharina has the amazing ability to quickly sense any health issues within your body and reveal to you their metaphysical/emotional root causes. I had struggled with low back pain since I was a child (bulging discs, painful spasms, scoliosis) and although I found chiropractors effective in helping me to manage my pain over the years (and some understand the root causes), it always seemed to re-emerge...Since Katharina’s session almost a year ago, I have not only not needed to see a chiropractor, but more importantly, she helped to open my connection to my spirit guides which continues to have profound effects on my life everyday.

3 Month “Path to Health” Medical Intuitive Consulting Package

This consulting package is for you if you have a chronic condition, or you find yourself in a life transition and you need sustained emotional support. During the course of 3 months you will make lasting and meaningful changes that will help you reach your health and wellness goals. I will use both my health knowledge and my medical intuitive skills to develop an effective treatment plan for you, which you will find easy to implement.

You will receive:

• 6 Phone or Skype calls.
• 6 Follow up Emails with Support Notes
• Audio Recordings of all of your Sessions
• FREE unlimited Email Support during the course of 3 months

Total Value: $2,100
Investment in yourself: $1,800

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Elle G.

My six weeks with Katharina were quite beneficial. I didn't want them to end. She helped me deal with my thyroid and sleep issue with clearly defined strategies that have helped me already. She spoke to me in a clear, concise and loving way. I felt that she was able to listen and "see" into my energy field and has put me on a path of wellness and calm. I am very grateful for her intuition and guidance.

6 Month “Ultimate Health” Medical Intuitive Consulting Package

This is the most popular option, giving you long term support and guidance for 6 months. This package is for you if you know that now is the time to make big changes in your current state of health. This is also ideal if you are in a big life transition and need ongoing emotional support. Through the course of 6 months, you will not only transform your health and physical body, but you will reach new heights of Being, find happiness and bring more meaning into your life. This is the most effective package as it gives you enough time to implement the changes needed for true and lasting change. As with all packages, I will use my health knowledge, combined with my medical intuition, to uncover the root causes of your issue and give you the solutions that work.

You will receive:

• 12 Phone or Skype Calls
• 12 Follow up Emails with Support Notes
• Audio Recordings of all of your Sessions
• FREE Unlimited Email Support during the course of 6 months
• Bonus: FREE access to my online seminar “Awakening Your Inner Healer”, where you will discover amazing tools and techniques designed to help you heal. (Value $297)

Total Value: $4,200
Investment in yourself: $3,000

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Dr. Michelle Veneziano

Katharina Johnson is perhaps the most skilled, accurate and genuinely helpful medical intuitive I have worked with in 20 years. I have referred many patients to her over the last 3 years and in each instance her contribution to their care and recovery, without exception, has been significant. Personally I have benefitted greatly from her work, and though one can rarely say this, I have felt tremendously improved, both physically and emotionally, after each and every telephone session. As a medically trained MD in Europe and avid seeker of continuing academic and spiritual growth the breadth of her offerings is vast. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Medical Intuitive Health Consulting is Right for You if:

  • You know that just taking a pill will not get you to a place of true health and well-being and you want to get to the root causes of your health challenge.
  • You are ready to make a commitment to yourself and know that true change requires effort and following through on your part.
  • You know that you need to see beyond your physical symptom, and you are ready to look at other aspects of yourself that might have contributed to your health challenge.
  • You want to work with someone who has both the medical credentials and the intuitive skills to help you heal.

Medical Intuitive Health Consulting is not right for you if:

  • You want a quick fix that only deals on a superficial level with the symptoms.
  • You are not ready to follow through on recommendations.
  • You see yourself as a victim of your circumstances and don´t want to take responsibility to take the necessary steps to change your life and health.
  • You are reluctant to look at your emotional and spiritual life in order to affect change.
  • You need a primary care physician to diagnose, prescribe or refill your prescription medication.

Ready to be empowered?

Here is how it works:
Once you have submitted your payment for either the 3 month or 6 month health coaching packages that I offer, you can email your health records to me for review. I will also email you an agreement form, which you can fill out electronically and send back to me to get started. Then we will schedule our first phone or Skype session. In our first session, we will take the time to get to know each other and review your personal and medical history. We will also determine your health goals – what you want to accomplish in our time together. In the next call, I will use my intuitive skills to discover possible root causes of your condition: What made you sick in the first place, what keeps your body in a stuck place, and most importantly, what you need in order to regain your health. I will then discuss with you the first course of action and give you a list of recommendations that you can start implementing right away. Recommendations can range from addressing emotional blockages, negative beliefs, to nutritional, spiritual and energetic issues, to toxic and environmental causes. If preferred, I can also record our session so you do not miss anything.

In follow up calls, typically we will review what is working for you, make adjustments to your healing program, keep working on helping you heal, and address any issues that arise. Since chronic stress is one of the main underlying factors in all chronic diseases, emphasis will be placed on reducing stress in your life, along with taking care of any unresolved emotional issues. If needed, you will also receive a recorded guided meditation that you can do on your own at home, which will help you relax and heal.

Please note: All calls are 50 minutes in length.

My Guarantee to You:

I will do my best to help you heal in any way possible and will bring my full skills, awareness and presence to each of our phone conversations. My goal is to provide you with excellent service, care and support and I will be your committed guide and your cheer leader along your healing journey. I also want to support you in case you change your mind during our work together, and you decide that you do not want to continue. In this case, you may request a refund for the remainder of your sessions. (See below)

Still On the Fence?

You can schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with me to determine if we are a good match. (This only applies for “Path to Health” and “Ultimate Health” Consulting Packages – only serious inquiries please. Thank you for your understanding).

Please use the contact form to get in touch with me and make sure to read the FAQ before sending any questions.

I am looking forward to embark with you on this exciting and deeply rewarding journey!


Please note: I received my medical degree in Austria. However, I am not licensed in the US, which means that by purchasing any of my consultation plans you acknowledge that I am not acting as your medical doctor and that my consultations do not substitute for advice from your in-person physician. I can legally offer you the above services under California Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 2053.5, 2053.6.

Also note: For the “Medical Intuitive Path to Health” and “Medical lntuitive Ultimate Health” packages, if during the process of working together you determine that you do not want to continue, you may request a refund for the remainder of your package. The remainder is determined as the package price, minus the number of completed sessions which will be billed according to the single session price of $350. Additionally, any occurring Paypal or credit card fees will be billed to you.