#10: How to Heal Your Inner Child

The inner child is part of your psyche that never grows up. It is the part the holds your joy, your intuition, creativity and your sense of well-being 

It is also the part that is most wounded. It is the part that feels scared, vulnerable, never feels good enough and needs protection and love. 

Many unconscious patterns and beliefs can be traced back to a wounded inner child. In this episode, Katharina will teach you how you can learn to connect to your inner child, find out what it needs and send healing energy to it.

Once your inner child feels loved and safe, you will feel a tremendous shift towards health and well-being. 

Highlights of this Episode 

Discover How to Connect and Heal Your Inner Child

Let Katharina guide you through an easy to-do but powerful exercise to re-connect to your inner child and give her the healing she needs. (Minute 7:00)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Links Mentioned in this Episode: 

Liquid Minerals for the thyroid: Remyte



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  1. This was lovely, thank you.
    I can feel that my inner child needs support. She was born into (chose to be born into?) a very creative family, but wasn’t allowed to express those needs and drives. So my job now is to support her creativity more than ever 😊💜

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