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July 2021

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Minute: 0-3:25
Dear Katharina, my partner Kieren and I got the Delta-variation of Covid by the beginning of this month. Symptoms were not too bad for the both of us, but I would like to kindly ask you to check into our energy fields to see whether the (negative) energy of the virus is still stuck somewhere in our bodies and what we could do in this case to get rid of it. Thank you! Lots of love, Blanca

Minute: 3:25-11:37
I recently had to have an emergency cesarean for the birth of my first baby. It was not something I ever thought would happen to me and in fact I found most of the birth experience very upsetting even though I am so grateful to have our healthy, happy baby. Please could you look in to my energy field/chakras to see if there is anything I could be doing to promote recovery and healing on an emotional and physical level. Rani

Minute: 11:37-17:10

Can you help me discover how to heal a pain in my lower left torso please? Patricia


How do I keep from creating and attracting codependent relationships in my life? Is there a way to better contain my energy when actively healing/releasing trauma? Thank you! Henri

June 2021

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Minute: 0-5:40
Dear Katharina, most of my adult life I have felt as if I'm carrying just a bit more body weight/fat than I would like to. Is there something emotional I can work on to change this? Or anything else I can do? Thank you, Rani

Minute: 5:40-13:04
I know that I have healing and intuitive gifts to share, but I feel strong resistance and a lack of clarity around how I may be of service to others. Maybe the timing is just not right yet? Any insights that will support alignment with my purpose and mission would be appreciated. Lia

Minute: 13:04-17:03

I’ve been keeping a journal for 40 years and I want to write a book. What does my soul long to express? Ingrid


I have this general feeling of "what now?" Nothing is wrong, everything is fine, no major issues, but it just feels like I'm coasting through life and it's speeding by and is this what it's going to be or should I be proactively doing something to create positive changes? I don't have the energy to chase something but I'm not actually tired, if that makes sense. Jessica

Minute: 22:56-29:24

The confidence meditation sessions are showing me how low my self-esteem is - even lower than I previously thought. What else can I do to try to heal this, and how can I help mitigate any unintentional effects it may be having on my 7 year old daughter, and help her heal any similar challenges? Kristin

Minute: 29:24-34:42

Dear Katharina, As from my understanding we as human beings are made up of consciousness and the DNA as an operating system - where does the soul fit in here? Thank you a lot for all the wonderful monthly healing meditations - I do enjoy them a lot. Much love, Sana

Minute: 34:42-38:42
What are some of the ways you recommend for clearing your energy after you've done energy healing on someone else? Regina

Minute: 38:42-46:28

I've been lately interested in energy healing, looking into reiki specifically to begin with as an entry point. I want to stay true to my core beliefs while allowing room for expansion. How do I separate myself from judgments and darkness working in some very close to me and honor moving forward on my soul path? It is hard allowing myself to be excited about something knowing someone I love is in such pain. Thank you for your time. Shere

Minute: 46:28-51:37

My whole life I have always been crazy afraid of not doing everything 100% perfect from the start. If I felt like I had done a mistake of some sort- practical, social, in school- I would freeze and my stomach would turn upside down. I would feel very ashamed and uncomfortable. This was already like this in kindergarten, I remember, and went through all my life. I think I have started to work through it quite well, but I might need help with this. So I am wondering: Where is my deep fear of making mistakes even coming from? Thank you Katharina! Blanca

May 2021

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Minute: 0-4:10
Dear Katharina, how can I create more harmony in my marriage especially before our baby comes? We are a strong, loving couple but I feel there is room for improvement! Rani

Minute: 4:10-11:20
I have been in a pattern of co-dependency and it brings a loss of self, sadness and suffering as well as making it hard to have boundaries and say no when I mean it. Marie

Minute: 11:20-17:44
Dear Dr. Katharina, I have a question about my energy, specifically the lower chakras. I have been doing a lot of work these past few months. I would like to know if some of my digestive problems could be related to releasing emotions, etc. I know you can't give medical advice, but I was wondering if this is energetic, a detox/purging so to say. I would appreciate any comments you may have. Thank you, Karen


Katharina, which are of my life needs attention? I am feeling stuck around moving my career and life forward. Currently I work in an engineering office. I have a lot of training and passion for light and body work. but have not quite stepped into this role or gift. I am ready to move forward. I am getting a really strong pull to embrace light language, bodywork, etc. but not clear on how to make the first step forward. Is it not quite the time or am I in my own way? Thank you! Jamie

Minute: 23:00-28:22
Both my daughter and I have had health problems. Hers has been very serious with Lyme disease. We both have been diagnosed with atypical, complex migraine. Can you help her to separate out causes for her problems and any suggestions to help us both please? I am much better than I was and want to stay that way. Bless you. (Kirstin has given previous permission) Patricia

Minute: 28:22-33:20
I feel so many times rebellious/stubborn in life, especially about all the rules around corona. Sana

Minute: 33:20-41:12
This lifetime I have done a lot of healing from abuse and betrayal. I am finding out from the Akashic Records and different practitioners that this is a theme in at least several lifetimes and I am becoming weary and tired. My question is twofold: have I had any lifetimes where I was happy and things went well for me, and was I some sort of horrific abuser in past lifetimes that I am trying to atone for? I just would like to know why I keep choosing to be the recipient of abuse and betrayal. Thank you! Karen D

Minute: 41:12-45:10
Dear Katharina I left the country where I was born, South Africa when I was 11 years old. I have not been able to root in a physical way since. I blend where ever I go. The move from South Africa to Canada was traumatic for me,. This first uprooting has informed my life in repetitions. Thank you for your gifts and help. Olivia

Minute: 45:10-51:18
I'm still really struggling with insomnia and some nights I get maybe two hours. It's really affecting my ability to function during the day and to keep a positive outlook. Without good sleep, I'm having extreme headaches, all over body pain, and digestive issues. I'm beginning to wonder if the role out of 5G is causing this. Could you please take a look into my energy fields to see if I'm missing an important link to resolving this issue? Thank you so much Becky

Minute: 51:18-54:29
Why am I feeling a loss of direction right now please? I was totally focused and something has dropped off. Hayley

Minute: 54:29-58:37
There is a lack of openness and connection in my relationship with my father... I see him often and there is no negativity, but our interactions are superficial and distant in many ways. I understand his wounding and personality and accept him for who he is, but I am curious if there is anything in our energetic connection that I can release or strengthen to improve our relationship. Lia

Minute: 58:37-1:02:52

We previously were fostering children and adopted our son via the foster system. We are contemplating fostering again but I am very ambivalent about it, my husband is really wanting to do it. Can you get a sense for what may be holding me back and if it's something I can work to resolve or if it is inherently not a good fit for me Jessica

April 2021

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Minute: 0-6:07

Why do I sometimes allow judgments of others to delay me in my authentic movement forward with my soul passion? It feels like it rocks me to the core, I freeze and self reflect for a few days before I can move on, Hayley

Minute: 6:07-10:50
Could you scan me to see how my reproductive health is and if there is anything i can do to improve it? Thanks. Bali

Minute: 10:50-20:02
I’ve gained a lot of weight and despite my dieting efforts I keep gaining. What can I do to begin to lose the weight and what’s causing it. Lisa

Minute: 20:02-26:12
I have elected to keep some deeply shameful things about my past to myself rather than share with those close to me that would be negatively impacted/hurt by the info. My question is: How can I individually manage my shame and grief so that it doesn't stay stuck in me and get in the way of healthy relationships now. Jessica.

Minute: 26:12-32:21
Is there anything you can see about what I have not been able to face or let go of - or a specific energetic block - in my heart and sacral area? I can feel the constriction there, specifically at the back of the chakras. It seems connected to me based on how I experience the energy in those areas (often with my attention at the back of the heart, the back of the sacral area aches too), but I haven’t been able to bring to my awareness to what needs attention at this time. Lia

Minute: 32:21-36:46
Dear Katharina, I am wondering whether my birth-control-pill has a (negative) influence on my energy flow - even maybe simply through interfering with nutrients or vitamins. I feel like it is harder and takes longer for me to open the second Chakra to the back side. I started to "tap" it open, which seems to work after a while. Thank you!!! Blanca

Minute: 36:46-40:12
Hi Katharina, how can I heal this persistent cough that has been with me for over a month? I think it's more emotional than physical, I have seen a General Practitioner and he could find nothing wrong. Rani

Minute: 40:12-46:04
Can you help me heal/release/treat the guilt I’m noticing in my 2,3,4 chakras and elsewhere? Some is ancestral and some is bigger than just those chakras. Any clarity or support would be great. Thank you. Anonymous

March 2021

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Minute: 0-02:32
Since august 2017 I don´t feel like myself. I`m having physical issues and lots of fears and anxiety. What is wrong with me as doctors can`t figure it out and when will I get better? Bali

Minute: 02:32-10:33
Ever since moving to Florida, my health is getting worse. I don't like the toxic environment here, I listened to your acceptance video and have been working on just accepting that this is where I need to be right now. But, then something I don't like (such as spraying chemicals in my area, people leaving trash on the beach, loud planes going over our home frequently, super loud trucks spewing out exhaust fumes) and it takes me back to "this is why I don't like it here nor can I get well in this toxic environment)My husband's job is keeping us here and he is now 60 and having issues with getting a new job so I feel very stuck here. How do I know that this is where I need to be right now when I'm feeling this way? How do I surrender to being here when I feel so bad? Can you please look into my energy field and see if there are blockages or reasons for why I'm struggling so. Thank you so much. Becky

Minute: 10:33-13:49
Dear Katharina, I am looking for some guidance as what I could do instead of nursing that will allow me to help others and look after myself and my family. Do you have any ideas? Thank you, Rani.

Minute: 13:49-21:50
I spend so much time trying to work on myself and be peaceful and kind but I feel like I am generally just a resentful and angry-ish person who has trouble truly feeling connected. Is this just who I am or do I have some energetic thing happening that can be addressed? Jessica

Minute: 21:50-26:49

Dear Katharina, the group healing session was amazing, thank you very much for that! One of the things that I find very hard at the moment, is dealing with people, who are emotionally and spiritually not very present and aware. Particularly my parents and one of my close friends. I try to open my heart and work on my heart chakra, I absolutely know that they are not aware and embrace that fact, I try to create space when it's needed. But is there any other tips you can give to deal with it better? Or where I can work on myself to accept it maybe better and still have a good relationship? Thank you very much! With love and Light, Blanca

Minute: 26:49-30:33
Hi Dr. Katharina. I have asked a couple of questions before and am trying to move forward with the wisdom you have shared with me. I heard something recently that resonated strongly and was wondering if this might be what is hindering my healing at a deep level. It said that not only do we have to believe that we can heal, which I think I do, but that we have to believe that we deserve it. Can you sense if the feeling of not being deserving is stuck in my system? Is that feeling connected to a certain chakra, perhaps heart? Thank you. Karen

Minute: 30:33-37:16
Would appreciate a chakra reading. I want to find job with purpose and meaning Anna

Minute: 37:16-42:55
Last year I had a huge cyst removed, along with my left ovary and fallopian tube. They told me I had endometriosis. I’ve begun practicing qigong, and experimenting with energy medicine. Can you tell me if there is anything else I can do to heal myself? Do you see any imbalances in my chakras? Thank you. Jamie

Minute: 42:55-47:15
Dear Katharina, Thank you for the mini-reading. Here is my question: -what is the largest barrier I must transcend to start bringing in new clients for my intuitive reading business? —Ingrid

Minute: 47:15-50:56
Hello Katharina. I have pain on my lower right side Sandra

I teach adults online who are burnt out by zoom. I talk and they do theater practices away from the screen. I would like to learn to bring sustenance, connection and life to them alongside the material. The stress of screen relationship I believe could be helped if I worked physically and in my soul energy differently. Olivia

February 2021

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Minute: 0-6:25

I have a question regarding "Acceptance". When I read about violence against other people I have a hard time accepting these things and I get upset and sad. How are you dealing with these issues? Can you truly accept violence?

Minute: 6:25-12:41

I'm feeling in a stuck place in my career, wavering between the safety of staying where I am and the excitement of doing something new. Can you help provide some clarity on what I should be focusing on to ensure that I'm in a place that is the best fit for me? Jessica

Minute: 12:41-20:15

I would like to get relief from chronic lower back pain and anxiety Hsien-chi

Minute: 20:15-27:40

Dear Katharina, I made a comment during Saturday's healing on Acceptance and mentioned being divided. You answered that this state will make healing difficult and that I should work on these emotions. (Using chakra tapping.) That would make acceptance easier. I have chronic fatigue that gets better, then always seems to relapse. I do have a lot of emotions to work on. My question relates to intergenerational trauma. I have been exploring that lately and think some of my problems relate to that type of trauma. Do you sense that in my energy field? Is the process for healing the same, i.e., chakra tapping on these emotions? Thank you Karen

Minute: 27:40-33:18

I've been having severe frontal headaches and low back pain. I have tried the usual treatments without success. I was wondering if you could look into my energy field to see if there might be an emotional connection or some blockage in my energy field that might be impeding my healing. Thank you so much.Becky

Minute: 33:18-38:46

Hi Katharina, my partner Kieren and I were sometimes wondering whether we might have known each other already in an earlier life before we met in this one? We are both people with pretty strong heads and ideas and of course have ups and downs, but sometimes we feel like it is almost fate that we met at all. Even our names mean dark ("Kieren") and bright ("Blanca"). Thank you 🙂

Minute: 38:46-46-07

Hello Katharina! Thank you for your continued insights into a past life of mine. Last month and the month before you talked about my having been a healer and that things did not end well for me. Four and a half years ago I came down with a lung disease that is now managed with medication. During the past year I realize how much throughout my life, (even as a young girl) I have been protecting my lungs. If in a past life my lungs were overcome by smoke I now see why I have been so protective of them. Are you able to tell if I have broken the ties with that past life? Will it aid in healing my present day recovery? Am I correct in connecting the two incidents? Thank you again. Connie

January 2021

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Minute: 00:00

Katharina speaks about what exactly an intuitive reading is and how you can use it to gain broader insights into your challenges.

Minute: 2:44

No matter what I do I´m not healing. Why? When will I get better? Bali

Minute: 10:00

Hi it's Connie. Thanks for the energy reading last week. You spoke about my past life being a healer (witch). I do know about a past life from 1855 and I died in childbirth. Is this healer life before that life? You suggested that I send positive energy and love to my past. I have done so. How do I know I it worked? You also suggested to say "yes" to life. I have done so. I would like to know my tribe. Thank you again.

Minute: 16:39

Question: I have been having trouble with my digestion since I was a child. A gluten-free diet makes it a lot better, but there is still something not okay. Would you be so kind and check on my energy flow and where it is stuck or just not right? Thank you so much! Blanca


What is causing my hormonal/female reproductive issues? Jane

Minute: 32:18

Is there something specific in my energy field that I can work on to regain the sense of synchronicity and things falling into place and ease of manifestation that I used to experience? Jessica

Minute: 28:30

Dear Katharina, I feel like I overeat, emotionally eat, and think too much about food. I would like to change this. Can you look in to my energy field and see if there is an underlying cause and what I can do about it. It may be ancestral/genetic as many of my maternal side (females in particular) are similar. Much love and a happy New year to everyone, Rani.

December 2020

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Minute: 0:21

Please take a look into my past lives to see if there's a block that is there from another lifetime that's preventing me from healing. I'm doing everything others have done with the same health issues and they are getting well. It seems everything I try (supplements, lifestyle changes, etc) doesn't help me heal. I'm now having lots of trouble with my ibs and can't seem to get back to normal and I'm really concerned about my weight (83 lbs) as I've lost a few pounds because I can't eat many foods. Thanks, Becky

Minute: 05:11

Hi Katharina, I have been dealing with low energy levels on and off for over forty years. Do you see anything in my energy field from perhaps a past life or a blockage perhaps in this life? Connie

Minute: 11.44

My hair has been falling out, so much so that in places my scalp is visible. This is a symptom of something else. I am willing to change, work on what is causing my body to do this. Can it grow back? Thank you for your insight and help Katharina. Olivia


Hello I was wondering if there are any special techniques we can do for Tourette’s and stuttering? It’s for my son Kareem. I am Neda


How to release addiction to checking my smartphone? Ingrid

Minute: 25:59

I have an opportunity to move on to a different job but I want to understand if my energy is aligned with this role and with this company. Jessica

Minute: 30:14
I have tightness at the back of the heart chakra. It seems that the energy just can’t move freely through that area despite doing heart coherence breathing regularly for over a year. Is there another practice you can recommend? Could it be a specific emotion lodged there that I don’t have awareness of? Thank-you! Lia

Minute: 34:45

Dear Katharina, I am sixteen weeks pregnant with my first baby and would like some help with knowing what is right for me and the baby versus what conventional medicine recommends. I would like to be able to be trusting and intuitive instead of worrying about all the things that could be/go wrong. Much love and happy Christmas, Rani.


I have always had trouble having the healing light going down my body. it seems to get lost or stuck and can't get past the neck/chest area. Thanks, Hsien