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Epigenetics: The Power to Control Your Genes Is Within You

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week at Rythmia, a beautiful holistic retreat center in Costa Rica. One of the highlights of this trip was spending time with Dr. Bruce Lipton, the New York Times best-selling author of The Biology of Belief.Dr. Lipton gave a multi-day lecture on Epigenetics, an emerging science […]

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Why you should stop trying to love “yourself”

I am sure you have heard many times that it’s important to love yourself. If you are like me you have tried. Maybe you repeated mantra-like affirmations in your mind over and over in the hopes of increasing your self-love. Or maybe you treated yourself to a massage, a new outfit or maybe even a […]

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We are all connected

This is a beautiful video I wanted to share with you. It explains what Entanglement is and how we are all connected. I especially loved what was said in the video: ” love is the force that unifies us all”. These are such exciting times! Science is (slowly) discovering the interconnectednesss of all things. I […]

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The Power of Acceptance in Healing

When you are struggling with a health challenge and you experience symptoms like pain, the natural tendency is to mentally separate yourself from the symptom. You do not want the pain to be there, so you may be angry at your body or resist the situation deeply. While this reaction is natural, it actually hinders […]

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How does Distant Healing Work?

Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: How does distant healing work? The short answer is: nobody knows. This might sound alarming at first because the human tendency is to demand to know before they can […]

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The New Biology – from Victim to Master

Watch this amazing video from Dr. Bruce Lipton. He explains why our thoughts have a crucial impact on our  health and well-being, and when you master them, you not only change your DNA and your body, but move from victim to master. Enjoy!  

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