#13: How to Heal Your Ancestors to Heal Yourself

What You Will Learn in this Episode

You are energetically connected to your ancestors, more than you might be aware of. In fact, chronic illnesses, "bad luck", and other misfortunes can be directly related to your ancestors. The good news is that you can easily learn how to send healing to your ancestral line so that you can benefit as well.

In this episode, Dr. Katharina will share with you:

  • How you are energetically connected to your ancestors
  • How trauma gets passed down the generations
  • How you can change your epigenetic readout by healing your ancestors
  • How to energetically heal your ancestral lineage

Read the Transcript below:

When I do my intuitive energy readings, people often come to me with problems that they are unable to solve, and which they have struggled with for a long time.

These can be physical issues that never resolve or patterns of behavior that they are unable to change. Or, they are unable to find love or they might struggle with financial difficulties. When I do my intuitive energy readings, I always take a look into how the energies flow from the ancestors to my clients.

Why is this important? You are not an isolated being. You are energetically connected to your ancestors, and the quality of these energetic connections can determine how you feel emotionally. It can impact your physical health, and how much success you have in your life, and it can even influence your romantic relationship and your finances.

Why is this?

I want you to understand that ideally, the energy flows from one generation to the next. When this happens, you're getting the “good energy” and blessings from your ancestors and you are free to live your life. However, often there's unhealed trauma in the lineage and then the natural flow of energy from one generation to the next gets disturbed. Then you will receive trauma energy from your ancestor, which can affect you negatively. Before I go into this, let's take a look into how the energy should flow from one generation to the next if there was no unhealed trauma energy within the lineage.

Imagine that the ancestors stand behind you. The left side is your maternal lineage, and the right side is your paternal lineage. On the left side behind you stands your mother, and to the right behind you stands your dad. The parents of your parents also stand behind them, and so forth.  Ideally, the energy flows from one generation to the next without interruption. Usually, this means that you will have lots of energy, you have love in your life and you are also successful. As I said before, when there is trauma that has not been resolved in the lineage of your ancestors, then that trauma energy actually gets passed down from one generation to the next. Trauma is like a disturbance of the natural flow of energy.

The interesting thing is that there's also a very physical component to this flow of energy. You probably have heard about the term “epigenetics”. This is a scientific term that describes how different influences on your genes can change your genetic read-out. Through epigenetics, your genes can either be expressed or silenced. Depending on which genes get expressed or not, you can create good health, or in the worst case, you can get cancer.

We know that unresolved trauma within the lineage can negatively affect your epigenetic read-out.  When this happens you will be more susceptible to specific illnesses, which can be physical or mental, like depression and anxiety.  However, through my intuitive readings, I have seen that it can impact you even further.

It’s important to understand that the genes themselves don’t get changed through trauma in the lineage. In fact, only 1% of all illnesses that we know of are directly related to a faulty gene. What gets changed is the epigenetic read-out.

I'm from Europe, and here we have an entire system of healing that is called “Family Constellations”. This method of healing deals with the ancestors and making sure the trauma in your lineage gets cleared so that you can be healthy and have a good life.

It was developed because of all the war trauma we had in Europe from World War II. Of course, war trauma is very, very bad because in a war there are a lot of victims, and also a lot of perpetrators. Trauma energy behaves like a big wave: A wave that flows from one generation into the next until it reaches you. Usually, the impact of the wave becomes less powerful with each generation it passes through.

I've worked with a lot of people who were struggling in their daily lives because of unresolved war trauma within their lineage.  It doesn’t matter if your ancestors were the victims or the perpetrators. If the energies are not cleared, you will feel the effects.

The Native Americans know about the importance of sending good blessings to their ancestors. I believe they do this not only because they're nice people but because they know that sending blessings to their ancestors will benefit them as well. The good blessings clear the energies, and will, over time, harmonize the flow of energy that is returned to them.

The good news is that you can also start healing your ancestral lineage.

I've done this multiple times with my clients, and once I helped them heal their ancestral lineage, suddenly things started to change for them as well. Sometimes their health returned, sometimes they found true love, or sometimes they suddenly succeeded in their businesses.

Now I have a question for you: How much do you actually know about your ancestors? Do you know their histories? Do you know what they did for a living? Do you know what they struggled with?

In case you don't know much about them, don't worry. You can still start the healing process for them and for yourself.

Of course, it's great if you have an idea of what type of lives your ancestors lived, and what they went through. That makes it a little bit easier but usually it's not necessary because you can also help heal your ancestral lineage even if you don’t know anything about them. You do this by sending them good energy.

How to Heal Your Ancestral Lineage

It all starts with the right intention. Intention setting is so important because when you set an intention you can really affect the outcome in a positive way. The way you do this is that you visualize the outcome of your intention. For example, you can visualize the perfect flow of energy from one generation to the next, which would mean that all trauma energy within your lineage was already healed.

Start by getting into a comfortable space. If you want, you can play relaxing music in the background. Close your eyes and relax.

Set the intention that you want to connect to your ancestors and that you want to heal the trauma that still affects you up to this day. You can do this even if you don’t know anything about the lives of your ancestors.

Visualize a line of people standing to your left and to your right behind you. As a reminder, your maternal lineage stands behind your left shoulder, and your paternal lineage stands behind your right shoulder.

Take your time and try to feel into it. Start with one side. Maybe you get a sense of where the energy is stuck? Is there something that doesn't feel right? What are you feeling when you're tuning into them?

Do you get a good sense or do you get a sense of sadness, fear, or anxiety? Whatever it is, just notice it. If you don't get anything, don't worry. You can still start healing your ancestral lineage by sending the energy of unconditional love to them.

Unconditional love is a very high vibration that has its own intelligence. It knows how to heal anything, and whom to heal so that you receive the benefits.

This means that you don't have to necessarily know exactly what has happened in order to heal your lineage. Simply send your entire lineage the energy of unconditional love.

If you know that one specific ancestor experienced trauma and you can still intuitively feel it, simply think about this person and send the healing energies to him or her.

The way you do this is by focusing on your heart. Try to connect to the energy of love, which you want to feel it in your heart. Sometimes it can be helpful to first think about a person or animal in your life who you truly love. It is not important who you think about, what is important is that you can actually feel the energy of love in your heart. Do this for a while. Once you can feel it, imagine that the energy of love flows into your lineage or to a specific person within your lineage.

The trick is that you allow it to happen. I say “allowing” on purpose because it's not something that you do through willpower. It doesn't work like that. Healing is a very passive activity. When you can get out of your own way, and allow things to happen, the healing becomes powerful.

You can even visualize a color that represents the energy of unconditional love for you. Allow this color to flow into your lineage. To heal your ancestors so that the good energies will be returned to you, and also to your children.

Give it some time until it feels good and complete. Maybe it takes five minutes; maybe it takes 15 minutes or even longer. It doesn't really matter. I want you to know that because you are connected to your ancestors, you will be able to intuitively feel the energy, and you will also know when it's done.

Never underestimate the power of your intuition. We are all intuitive. It's just a matter of tuning into it, feeling into it, and trusting it. When you have done the healing for your maternal lineage first, then I suggest you do the same thing for your paternal lineage within the next few days. You can also repeat the process for one lineage as sometimes, doing the healing once is not enough. Again, trust your intuition as it will tell you what to do.

The other thing that is really helpful when it comes to healing your ancestral lineage is performing a healing “ritual”.

If you have pictures of your ancestors, you could simply put them up somewhere in your house. You might also want to light a candle for your ancestors or put nice flowers next to the picture. Whenever you see the picture, pause for a moment, think of your ancestors, bless them, and show them respect. After all, they are the reason that you are here on this earth, and showing respect for them really helps to clear the energies within the lineage.

If you don’t have a picture of your ancestors, don’t worry. You can do another ritual like planting a flower or a tree for them. You could paint a picture, or simply put up flowers in your house. It really doesn't matter. You can really be creative here. What matters is your good intention, your intention to bless your ancestors and to show respect for them.

These little rituals can make a huge impact on your life. As I said before, we in the West, have forgotten that we are connected to each other, and especially to our ancestors. With these little rituals, we can energetically reconnect, and when we do so, we will not only improve our emotional and physical lives but the lives of our children as well.

Before we end, I want to let you know that I've also done a group energy healing to heal your ancestral lineage. You can still get all the benefits of the group healing event even if you watch the video at a later time. Simply imagine that the healing is taking place at the moment you watch it, and you will still receive all the benefits.

If you need additional help, you can book a Rapid Emotional Clearing session, in which I can take an intuitive look into your lineage. In the session, you will also receive a powerful healing so that you can be free from any trauma that runs in your lineage. 

Thank you and much love,


PS: Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.


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