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The Emotional and Mental Causes for Chronic Fatigue

In my practice, I work a lot with people who suffer from low levels of energy. Some even experience chronic fatigue on a daily basis and are dealing with Fibromyalgia.I too am no stranger to fatigue and have had my own share of it.From doing thousands of medical intuitive readings and from my own experience, […]

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Is Magnesium Deficiency at the Root of Your Health Issues?

Do you experience symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscle cramps or others that just seem to persist? Or, if your health is already pretty good, would you like it to be even better? If so, here is something I have been utilizing recently that I know will be of help. Magnesium is the most […]

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We are all connected

This is a beautiful video I wanted to share with you. It explains what Entanglement is and how we are all connected. I especially loved what was said in the video: ” love is the force that unifies us all”. These are such exciting times! Science is (slowly) discovering the interconnectednesss of all things. I […]

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How to Energetically Help a Sick Loved One

Caring for a sick loved one is one of the hardest challenges in life. Many people who find themselves in this position are often overwhelmed with fear and worry. This is natural as when we are faced with difficulties, our minds often turn toward worst case scenarios. In our mind, we can easily see our […]

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