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Healing the Time in the Womb


In this energy clearing, Katharina will help you release negative emotions and feelings that stem from the time you were in the womb. This is very beneficial to release anxiety and strengthen your immune system.

With Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats) as background music to relax you instantly and effortlessly.

Run time: 30:00 minutes


Every thought, emotion, and physical sensation your mother experienced when she was pregnant with you, you experienced yourself. These so-called “energetic imprints” have a strong effect on your nervous and immune system.

Use this energy clearing if you feel anxious, your body has a hard time healing and you want to strengthen your immune system. After the clearing, you will feel more relaxed, safe, and secure in the world and in your body.

You will get two versions of the audio recording:

Audio recording with Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats) as background music. By listening to the recording through headphones, your brain will be able to shift quickly from stress mode into blissful relaxation.

Audio recording without music. If you prefer to listen to the recording without background music or want to play your own, this version is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Energy Clearing Audios

What is an energy clearing?

An energy clearing removes unwanted energies from your energy system so that you can feel more calm, safe and relaxed. By listening to the recording, you can connect to the field of energy that stores all information. Healing is not limited to space and time and Katharina has been doing energy healing successfully for over fifteen years. 

How can I benefit from this recording?

Whenever you feel anxious, stressed and worried, you can simply listen to this recording to get instant relief and feel calmer. It´s like receiving an energy healing from the comfort of your own home and whenever you want at a very low cost.

How often should I listen to the audio?

There are no set rules but I suggest you listen to the recording whenever you feel anxious. You can listen to it at any time of the day as well as in the evening. The soothing and relaxing background music will help you calm your nervous system and even help you fall asleep quicker.

What is Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats)?

Brainwave entrainment, also known as Binaural Beats, is a wonderful technology that helps you relax and heal your body and mind. Relaxation and healing is a state of your brainwaves. When you are stressed or anxious, your brain emits so called high Beta Brainwaves, which are associated with stress. When you meditate you are lowering your brainwaves and shift into Alpha and Theta Brainwaves. However, when you are anxious, calming your mind is very hard and often impossible. This is where Binaural Beats can really help. By listening to the recording with headphones, different frequencies will be played into each ear. Your marvelous brain calculates the phase difference and automatically, and without any effort on your part, lowers your brainwaves so you can get into a meditative state quickly. Binaural beats are completely safe. The only thing you have to do for this technology to work is to use headphones.

Do you have a money back guarantee?”

Yes! If you feel like you don’t get the expected benefit from this recording, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and you will get your money back. We only ask you give this a fair try and listen to the recording a few times before making a decision.


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