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I Am Healthy

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Reprogram your powerful subconscious mind to start healing now!

In this guided meditation, Katharina will help you send positive healing energy into every part of your body.  Once you are deeply relaxed, you will get powerful positive healing affirmations that will directly go into your subconscious mind.

With Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats) as background music to relax you instantly and effortlessly.

With positive affirmations and powerful subliminal messages for making fast changes.

Run time: 30:00 minutes


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The stories, affirmations and meditations in this audio have all been created using the most advanced positive psychology together with cutting edge technology to help you easily and comfortably make all the necessary changes required to reprogram your subconscious mind to install powerful positive healing beliefs.

You will program your subconscious mind with these positive healing beliefs and subliminal messages:

It’s possible for me to be healthy.
I can be healthy.
I deserve to be healthy.
It’s safe for me to be healthy.
I have all the power within me to be healthy.
Each cell in my body is healthy and vibrant.
It will benefit me and others to be healthy.
Others want me to be healthy.
I trust the intelligence of my body.
I can grow spiritually and be healthy.
My body is strong, beautiful and healthy.
I am healthy.
I am whole.
I make healthy choices for myself.
My body can heal completely.
My body is healing now.
I surrender to being completely healed now.
I love my body.
I am healthy.
I am whole.

Included are also subliminal messages with the above healing beliefs. Subliminal messages are especially useful to reprogram your powerful subconscious mind as the subconscious accepts suggestions and affirmations the easiest when they are barely audible. This is the fastest and way to effortlessly change your brain and reprogram your mind to start healing now.

Katharina will also help you to learn how to send positive healing energy into every part of your body.  This is a method you can use anytime throughout your day to help your body heal.

You will get three versions of the audio recording:

  • Audio recording with Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats) as background music. By listening to the recording through headphones, your brain will be able to shift quickly from stress mode into blissful relaxation.
  • Audio recording without music. If you prefer to listen to the recording without background music, or want to play your own, this version is for you.
  • Audio recording with subliminal messages (positive healing beliefs only). No background music. You can play this recording in the background while working or sleeping without noticing. This is a very effective way to bypass the critical thinking mind and install positive healing beliefs very quickly!. Run time: 1:30 hours.

What are subliminal messages?

A subliminal message is an affirmation or message below the normal limits of human auditory perception, below the conscious threshold of hearing. However, it is audible to the subconscious or deeper mind. It is tested in psychological studies that Subliminal messages gain their powerful ability to influence from the fact that they may be able to circumvent the conscious awareness and its critical functions. For example, your conscious mind might reject a belief like “I am safe” because of your life experience. However, your subconscious mind does not have a critical function and therefore will willingly accept this new belief. This holds especially true when you are deeply relaxed. The subconscious mind is 95% more powerful than your conscious mind and by positively influencing it, you can make fast and quick changes in your life.

How can I benefit from this recording?

Use this audio to effectively and quickly reprogram your subconscious mind to stay calm. If you suffer from anxiety and get stressed quickly, this is one of the easiest and effective ways to reprogram your brain to not look for danger but to feel calm and relaxed instead.

How often should I listen to the audio?

In order to make lasting and quick changes, it is best to listen to the recording once a day for four weeks in a row.

What is Brainwave entrainment (Binaural Beats)?

Brainwave entrainment, also known as Binaural Beats, is a wonderful technology that helps you relax and heal your body and mind. Relaxation and healing is a state of your brainwaves. When you are stressed or anxious, your brain emits so called high Beta Brainwaves, which are associated with stress. When you meditate you are lowering your brainwaves and shift into Alpha and Theta Brainwaves. However, when you are anxious, calming your mind is very hard and often impossible. This is where Binaural Beats can really help. By listening to the recording with headphones, different frequencies will be played into each ear. Your marvelous brain calculates the phase difference and automatically, and without any effort on your part, lowers your brainwaves so you can get into a meditative state quickly. Binaural beats are completely safe. The only thing you have to do for this technology to work is to use headphones.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you feel like you don’t get the expected benefit from this recording, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and you will get your money back. We only ask you give this a fair try and listen to the recording a few times before making a decision.

12 reviews for I Am Healthy

  1. Trent (verified owner)

    It is really helping me change my train of thought for the better and helping me stay more positive and calm.

  2. Dianne (verified owner)

    I listen to this meditation every morning. I find it to be very comforting and relaxing. I am grateful to have a meditation that specifically addresses my intention to heal and be healthy.

  3. eskaret (verified owner)

    I just listened to this for the first time and I found it very relaxing. The suggestions are exactly what I need to reduce my fears and to start believing that I actually will be healthy some day.

  4. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Katharina’s I am healthy meditation is quick and easy to follow. It is suitable for all, even the those with a busy schedule.
    This is exactly what I needed, it has brought ease and simplicity to my health concerns. We are what we think and with positive affirmations my health has improved and my worries lessen. Thank you Katharina.

  5. Sabrina (verified owner)

    I highly recommend “I Am Healthy.” I have had medical intuitive sessions with Dr. Katharina in the past and currently listen to her podcast. The next step for me was to purchase one of the meditation tapes so that I can have a way to calm down, send positive messages to my body, and help my body to recuperate versus being in “fight or flight” mode. I have used meditation tapes with binaural beats before in the past, but I what I like about Dr. Katharina’s meditation tapes is that is has the binaural beats, plus the positive messages in her calming, soothing voice. The recommendation is to listen regularly, and my plan is to listen to the “I am Healthy” meditation every evening before going to sleep in order for the positive affirmations to sink in. Thank you for making the guided meditation Dr. Katharina!

  6. Tina

    Very well done

  7. TerzaSatow

    Good to listen,take to heart

  8. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the recording for a couple of weeks now and find it really beneficial. I like the subliminal messages option too as I can listen to this while working and it’s nice and calming in the background – highly recommend!

  9. Vicki Oldenburg (verified owner)

    I love this recording. It’s easy to do, her affirmations are excellent and the binaural beats really help me to relax and go deeper. I like having this kind of help in my quest to stay healthy.

  10. Becky

    I love the music and your voice. Very calming

  11. Jochen Griep (verified owner)

    I listened to this meditation every night before sleeping, and I feel very relaxed. My sleep is deeper and my mind is more relaxed.

  12. Connie Natal

    I love being able to bring healing vibrations into my body without effort. I fall asleep at night with the recording playing so that my subconscious mind connects with healing the energy! Thank you Katharina for bringing this to us!

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