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15 Tips to Get Through Difficult Times

15 Tips to Get Through Difficult TimesAt some point in our lives, most people will go through a period of difficulty. Maybe a loved one dies, you get diagnosed with an illness, lose your job or home, or a relationship ends in divorce.When sudden and unexpected change happens, most people will feel anxious and stressed […]

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Is Magnesium Deficiency at the Root of Your Health Issues?

Do you experience symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia, muscle cramps or others that just seem to persist? Or, if your health is already pretty good, would you like it to be even better? If so, here is something I have been utilizing recently that I know will be of help. Magnesium is the most […]

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How to heal from Anxiety

Chronic anxiety has become an epidemic in the Western world. This article is meant to increase your awareness of often overlooked factors that contribute to or cause anxiety and help you to consider treatment options that you may have not considered before.  Let´s face it: Anxiety has become a huge business for big pharmaceutical companies, […]

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Have you heard about the terms Electrosensitivity (ES) and Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)? Unfortunately, these terms may become ubiquitous as more and more people suffer the effects of constantly being exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Electromagnetic fields and RF radiation stem from electronic devices such as cell phones, wireless (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Max) […]

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Healing Anxiety from the Perspective of a Medical Intuitive

From an energetic perspective, anxiety is a disorganization of the vital energy that runs in your body. By finding and treating the root cause of the anxiety, the energy can re-align and healing occurs.

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