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Epigenetics: The Power to Control Your Genes Is Within You

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week at Rythmia, a beautiful holistic retreat center in Costa Rica. One of the highlights of this trip was spending time with Dr. Bruce Lipton, the New York Times best-selling author of The Biology of Belief.Dr. Lipton gave a multi-day lecture on Epigenetics, an emerging science […]

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Mercury: Poison in your mouth

The silver fillings in your mouth are unfortunately still widely used by the dental profession. Dental Amalgams consists of a mix of metals, generally 50% mercury, 35% silver 15% tin and other metals. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal known to men and once drilled out of your mouth, has to be disposed in […]

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Hidden dangers of Fluoride

Why drinking tap water and using regular toothpaste can be detrimental to your health. Fluoride is a chemical that is added to 60% of the American water supply and frequently added to toothpaste. While government agencies try to convince you that it is healthy for you and your children and will help prevent tooth decay, […]

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