Hidden dangers in Fluoride

Hidden dangers of Fluoride

Why drinking tap water and using regular toothpaste can be detrimental to your health.

Fluoride is a chemical that is added to 60% of the American water supply and frequently added to toothpaste.
While government agencies try to convince you that it is healthy for you and your children and will help prevent tooth decay, the truth is that it is a dangerous chemical that negatively impacts your health.

It is now believed that excess Fluoride in the water is linked to the epidemic of hypothyroidism (under- active thyroid) in the States and is linked to other health concerns like low IQ in children, headaches, arthritis, neurological problems and even cancer.

In fact, doctors used to treat HYPER thyroidism (over active thyroid) with Fluoride, since it suppresses the function of the thyroid. !

Fluoride and Iodine are both members of the halogen group, which means when combined in the body, they have an antagonistic effect. Since Iodine is a key nutrient in proper thyroid function, it makes sense that too much Fluoride counteracts Toothbrushthe Iodine in the body, which will lead to thyroid problems.

Could it be that iodine deficiency, which is the leading cause of brain damage and mental disability worldwide could be reduced by simply cutting back on the use of Fluoride?

So why did they put a toxic chemical into water in the first place?

A study that was conducted in the 1940’s was the first that tried to demonstrate the effectiveness of Fluoride as an anti cavity-fighting agent. This study is now being called into question. According to Dr. Philip Sutton, author of “The Greatest Fraud: Fluoridation” (A Factual Book, Lorne, Australia, 1996), these studies are actually of dubious scientific quality

More recent studies show that Fluoride has no decay preventing effects at all and can actually lead to dental fluorosis, a condition that is characterized by failure of tooth enamel to crystallize properly in permanent teeth. Even though worrisome, this is not the key concern. As mentioned earlier, neurotoxicity is far more worrisome.
(Yiamouyiannis, J.A. “Water Fluoridation and Tooth Decay: Results from the 1986-87 National Survey of U.S. Schoolchildren”, Fluoride, 23, 55-67, 1990)

So why is Fluoride still used?
The inconvenient truth is that Fluoride is a toxic waste by-product of many types of heavy industry-such as aluminum, cement, glass, fertilizers and other industries. This toxic waste needs to go somewhere and if it weren’t put into the drinking water, manufactures would have to pay millions of dollars for it’s proper disposal.

What can you do?

The easiest action to implement is to buy and use toothpaste that is free of Fluoride. Remember that this is a toxic chemical that is NOT good to put in your mouth or even swallow.
Especially for children, whose brain is still developing, it is of uttermost importance to keep them away as much as possible from Fluoride.
Personally I like to use “Toms” organic toothpaste, which is available in many stores.

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You should get a water filer that uses reverse osmosis. These are rather pricy, but unfortunately the only filters that remove Fluoride. A commonly used “Britta” filer will NOT do the job.
Another solution is to buy bottled water like Evian and Perrier that contain no Fluoride. Calistoga for example, contains Fluoride, so it is important to do the research.

As always, I hope this was helpful and I am looking forward to your comments and questions.

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