Dangers of Excess Estrogen in Men

Excess estrogen in men are not only detrimental to your good looks (they contribute to the enlargement of the male breasts, so called gynecomastia) but are also very dangerous to your health.

Studies found that excess estrogen:

•    Can double the risk of a stroke (when estradiol blood levels are greater than 34.1 pg/mL)
•    Increases the risk of cardiovascular events and deaths
•    Is correlated with lower extremity peripheral artery disease (especially when testosterone levels are low)
•    Increases C-reactive protein. A marker for inflammation in the body
•    Plays an important role in the development of the benign enlargement of the prostate-:BPH
•    And more recently, is also linked to Prostate Cancer.

What are the clinical symptoms?
•    Enlarged breasts
•    Low sex drive
•    Excess belly fat
•    Depression, fatigue and low energy
•    Poor memory
•    Low stress tolerance
•    Loss of body hair
•    Loss of muscle tone
•    Shrinking testes
•    Erectile dysfunction
•    Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer

Where does this excess estrogen come from?

•    Environmental estrogens
These are toxins that are present in the air, food, and water and act like estrogen in the body. They include pesticides, herbicides as well as various plastics and PCBs.
These substances are highly fat-soluble and are stored in the fatty tissue.

•    Excess body fat
In the fatty tissue is an enzyme located called “Aromatase” that converts testosterone into estrogen.

•    Low levels of Growth Hormone
As we age, our body produces less of a hormone called HGH-human growth hormone, which leads to more body fat, which then in turn produces more estrogen-a vicious cycle!

What is there to do?

•    Consume cruciferous vegetables as often as possible!
Raw broccoli is best as they contain chemicals called Indole 3 Carbinole that enhance favorable estrogen metabolism. They literally help you purge the excess estrogen.

•    Lose weight
As mentioned before, this will help reduce the amount of fatty tissue, which then will lead to less estrogen in the body.

•    Avoid toxins as much as possible
Eat no food that is wrapped in plastic, eat organic food, use green cleaning products, filter your water…etc.

And most importantly:

•    Do a targeted estrogen detox!
With the help of your health care practitioner.

As always, I hope that this information was useful and I am looking forward to your comments and questions!

In health,




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