Mercury: Poison in your mouth

The silver fillings in your mouth are unfortunately still widely used by the dental profession. Dental Amalgams consists of a mix of metals, generally 50% mercury, 35% silver 15% tin and other metals.

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal known to men and once drilled out of your mouth, has to be disposed in a special hazardous waste facility. It is odd to think that something so toxic is supposed to be harmless inside your mouth.

In fact, every time you chew on an amalgam filling, toxic mercury filled vapor emanates from the filling and can easily enter your blood stream. This will not only happen with new amalgam fillings, but with old ones as well.

Here is an eye opening video that shows a 20 year old Amalgam filling that when rubbed on still emanates toxic mercury.

What makes mercury so toxic?

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that also inhibits basic enzymatic cellular processes and effects essential minerals and nutrients in the cell.

Mercury is linked to many neurological diseases like depression, autism, schizophrenia as well as autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, to name a few.

Common symptoms include:

Mood Swings

Infertility Memory Loss and Foggy Thinking

Mental disturbances

Hair Loss

Excessive Sweating

Muscle Weakness


Numbness in Hands and Feet

Skin Rashes

Watery Eyes


Other sources of mercury:

Seafood and Vaccines.

Thimerosal is a preservative commonly used in vaccines and contains 50% mercury.

The number of compulsory vaccinations has risen within the past quarter century from 10 to 36, attention deficit disorders have doubled in the past 25 years, and autism has increased by 200-500% in every state!

What can you do?


Of course, replacing any amalgam filling with non-toxic ones like composite fillings.

It is extremely important to know that this needs to be done by a certified “green” dentist, who is trained in this special procedure. As said earlier, any time the filling is rubbed on, toxic vapor emanates from the filling. Now just imagine what happens when you drill on the filling..yes that’s right, a highly toxic vapor will emanate. This is the reason why only dentists who know how to safely replace Amalgam fillings should do this.

In fact, several of my clients got actually poisoned by dentists who didn’t know what they were doing.                            teeth

Another factor to consider is that mercury will not leave your system by itself. So you still can suffer from mercury toxicity even though you have replaced your fillings long ago.

So consider doing a targeted mercury detox that will take care of the problem!


How long will the detox process take?

This is a question that can’t easily be answered. It depends on how many amalgam fillings you have had, if you still have them, how they where replaced, and how well your body tolerates the detoxification process. In general, a mercury detox can take from 3 months up to 1 year.

Once you have managed to get rid of this toxin, the rewards will be great. You will have more energy, will have better mood, many of so-called “weird symptoms” will be gone and you will have unburdened your body a huge deal.

In health,




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  1. Wow! Seeing the clinical and imaging data in that video was shocking. I had my amalgam fillings removed a couple years ago because they were getting old. They were replaced with composite fillings. I know mercury is a toxic substance, but I had no idea about how much was actually being emanated by the filling and absorbed in the body! Yikes…

  2. Thanks for the data. I am appreciative of the advice on removal being done by qualified person and also about detoxing.

    1. Thank you Jan for your comment. Your health will improve once you have successfully removed the mercury in your mouth.

      In health,


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