[Video] Free Energy Healing: Release Old Programs and Emotions


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Free Energy Healing: Energetic Cleansing to Release Old Programs and Emotions

In this video, Katharina will cleanse your energy system, help you to let go of old programs and emotions so that you can feel renewed and uplifted.

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  1. Dear Ms. Johnson,
    I have listened to many healing videos throughout the years, but never really felt anything. Many videos out there I feel there should be caution in trusting as there are black magicians out there. I have worked with energy for over 20 years. However, experiencing your healing videos was the first time I felt true energy healing and a higher consciousness. You are of good and the real deal!

    Thank you for the gift.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am happy to hear you are finding the free healing videos beneficial.
      Have a great day!

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