Energy Medicine | Dr. Katharina Johnson- Part 2

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How does Distant Healing Work?

Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: How does distant healing work?The short answer

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How to Energetically Help a Sick Loved One

Caring for a sick loved one is one of the hardest challenges in life. Many people who find themselves in this position are often overwhelmed with fear and worry. This is natural as when we are faced with

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Emotional Cleansing

Emotional Cleansing is the gentle and quick process which eliminates negative feeling and beliefs to transform your life.

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Healing Anxiety from the Perspective of a Medical Intuitive

One of the most common complaints I hear in my practice is anxiety. That nagging feeling of unease and fear that might be directed towards something or someone, or might just be there for no obvious reason.This

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