Using the Power of Group Consciousness to Heal Ourselves and Others

I recently read a great book called “The Isaiah Effect” by Gregg Braden. Even though this book is over 10 years old, much of what I read is very timely. It speaks about the lost art of prayer and how consciousness can affect change on a physical level. Gregg talks about research that was done where a group of people came together with one single intention: To create peace in a war torn area of the world by simply meditating on peace.

What happened next was truly fascinating. There was a significant reduction in crime, violence and overall deaths in the areas people “prayed” upon. Actually, the effect was so big that researchers could not believe it! Nearly immediate reductions in war deaths averaging better than 70% were observed (1). This is an incredible outcome and more studies were done to confirm the effect-producing the same results.

It was also discovered that the effect was stronger the more people came together. Most people in this study used a specific form of meditation called “Transcendental Meditation”. Notwithstanding the type of meditation technique employed, I think what is really fascinating is the fact that we humans have the power to create change on a global scale-by simple changing our internal state!

When meditators shifted their consciousness away from “war” towards “peace”, they created a pervasive field of consciousness that somehow mysteriously interacted with the world around them.

How is this possible?

Scientists are trying to understand how consciousness influences our material world. Many studies have been done that showed that our intentions affect change on a subatomic level. The famous “double slit experiment” is just one example (2). This experiment showed that our observing mind (our consciousness) cannot be taken out of the equation as it always interacts with the subatomic world, and thus, creates change in our observable world.

The following video below gives you a quick and simple overview on what the double slit experiment is.

We don´t exactly know how our internal state affects the outside world. Yet, we find that we can affect change in the “outside” world by simply observing and by changing our thoughts and feelings. The research shows us that it is possible.

Could it be that we as a society have forgotten the inherent power that lies within each of us?

Many ancient cultures like the “Essenes” knew that our thoughts and feelings do effect change on the outside world, because they knew something that we have long forgotten: That we are intrinsically connected with the fabric of life, because we are life itself (3). In fact, everything is connected because everything is “One”. When you really ponder the implications of this thought, you will come to understand that if everything is in fact One, then if one “aspect” of this oneness changes (your consciousness), it makes sense that it will affect everything else.

Ancient cultures and present day quantum physicists also remind us that there is no “out there”, because the Universe is within us. There is no real separation between us as individuals and the rest of the world. There is no separation because the separation itself is an illusion. Our five senses trick us into believing that we are separate, but it is really just an illusion. In reality, our world consists of a “soup” of energy, stemming from the very particles that make up our physical world. These particles are atoms and subatomic particles that are in constant flux and motion. This motion creates a frequency and vibration. Our wonderful bodies pick up these vibrations through our senses and the brain translates the incoming frequencies into sound, touch, smell, vision and taste in a way that we can make sense of the world.

Thus, something that you “see” is not really “out there”, because what you perceive (the picture) is inside of you, created by a specific part of your incredible brain. In reality, there is no “picture”. What you really perceive is light, which is pure energy.

Another reason why we are all connected is the fact that everything that exists in this entire Universe has one single origin. From what we know, our Universe was burst into existence in one “Big Bang” 13.7 billion years ago (4). This means that all matter (the stuff that we are made of), has one single origin, thus creating interconnection with everything that exists.

This connection does not only exist on a universal scale, but exists on a global scale as well. One example is the air we breathe, which has been breathed by billions of other animals and humans before us. Our air goes through a magical cycle that connects all living beings, and our lungs are part of it.

Now that we understand that we are all connected, that we are One and that we were created from one single event called the Big Bang, the question now is: what or who created the Big Bang?

Science does not have an answer to this question. We only know that it has happened, thus something most have created it in the first place. However, we know that consciousness is a driving factor behind all of creation as it constantly interacts with the material world. This is why I am wondering if consciousness itself created the Big Bang and thus our material world and life as we know it?

Researchers are trying to figure out what exactly consciousness is, but so far, no one was able to put their finger on it. We don´t know what exactly it is, we just know that it seems to be encompassing, pervasive and not bound to space and time. We also know that consciousness interacts with the material world, and in fact shapes the material world-as explained in the Double Slit Experiment above.

If consciousness is the very thing that creates reality (which I strongly believe), then it makes sense that our consciousness and especially “group consciousness” can and does affect physical reality. In my experience, this is possible because there is no “other”, and “no out there”. If everything is connected and we are all One, then it makes sense that if enough people come together and focus their awareness, their consciousness on the very thing they want to create, then the fabric of life has no choice but to respond.

This understanding and insight sparked an idea within me. Since the experiments on peace were carried out so successfully, I began to wonder if the same type of experiment could be done “meditating” on healing for ourselves and others? This idea led me to design an experiment where we as a group of people will come together to use the power of our consciousness to create emotional and physical healing. I have called this experiment the “Global Healing Experiment”, which I want to invite you to.

Every other Sunday at a specific time we will come together as a group to focus our intention and awareness on creating and increasing our health and wellbeing. I have created an easy to follow guided meditation audio, which we will listen to at the event time. Because we, as a group will experience similar emotions and feelings that will be facilitated through listening to the meditation audio recording, we can tap into the power of the group to create changes in our physical reality.

When designing this experiment, one of my intentions was to make it easy for everyone to participate, which means that you don´t need to have any previous meditation experience. It is like listening to a very relaxing audio tape. I have utilized “binaural beat” technology as background music(5). This technology is designed to quickly take you into a calm and relaxed state by harmonizing brain activity. Once you are relaxed, I will ask you to focus on a part of your body that is completely healthy. Even though you might deal with an emotional or physical health challenge right now, there are cells in your body that are completely healthy. When we focus on what is already working, what is already healed, we can create more of what we want. Energy flows where attentions goes, which means that when we focus on health, we can create more health.

If we focus on illness, we will create more disease. Also, when we focus on “healing” we imply that something is not healed, which creates more of what we don´t want. Therefore, in our experiment we will focus on what is already healthy to create more health within ourselves, as well as in other participants. At some point in the audio, we will also energetically connect to the energy of the group, which I think will be really powerful and exciting as we can harness the intention and the power of group consciousness.

Since this is an experiment, I want to make this free to everyone. So please join me, as the more people participate, the better the outcome will be!

I am very excited and can´t wait to start! If you want to join, please go to the Global Healing Experiment information page.

Much love,




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    1. Hi Taren,

      What type of healing are you looking for?

      I know of the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito and have heard good things about them. (I have not take any clasess there).
      Then there is Psychic Horizons in San Francisco. They offer mneditation classes and I do believe also classes on intuition.

      Hope this helps.


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