The Power of Acceptance in Healing

When you are struggling with a health challenge and you experience symptoms like pain, the natural tendency is to mentally separate yourself from the symptom. You do not want the pain to be there, so you may be angry at your body or resist the situation deeply.

While this reaction is natural, it actually hinders the healing process. Healing means “to make whole again”, and resisting and separating yourself from your symptom and your body are the exact opposite of healing. Healing can take place when you move from resisting what is happening (the pain) towards acceptance of what is.

When you start to accept the pain or any symptom you are experiencing, you begin the healing process. By not mentally cutting yourself off from the experience, energy is released and allowed to flow throughout your entire body.

In my practice and online seminars, whenever I bring up the power of acceptance, people often misunderstand what acceptance truly is. Acceptance does not mean you like the situation or that you are not doing everything possible in your power to change it. It simply means giving up resistance to what is already happening, which you do not have control over anyhow.

You are already experiencing the symptom and your pain. So rather than putting the additional stress of resistance onto your body, start to mentally “allow” what is already happening. You can then take the action necessary to deal with the symptom.
This concept might not mean much to you right now as you are reading these words. However, when you experience the release that comes with the power of acceptance, you will know what I am talking about.

This understanding is something that has to be fully experienced to feel its power. Of course, this is a huge shift in attitude and consciousness, and it might not be easy at first. However, with some practice of acceptance, you will get “better” at it.

Acceptance is the first step towards healing

You will be able to release the tension of resistance and your body will have much more energy available to heal itself. When you truly accept, your body shifts into a state of deep relaxation, which is the state where your body can heal.

You can practice the power of acceptance not just with a physical symptom, but with any situation. A traffic jam or a long line at the grocery store is a perfect example. No one likes to be stuck in traffic, but next time you find yourself in this situation, know that you have a choice to react to the situation as you chose.

When you chose acceptance, life’s circumstances have much less power over you than it appears. Remember that the power to heal is inside of you-and so is acceptance. Practice acceptance daily and see your life change.


PS: What is your experience with the power of acceptance? Please comment below.

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The power of acceptance


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