#2: The 5 Keys to Healing Yourself

#2: The 5 Keys to Healing Yourself

Healing from a chronic illness can be frustrating, especially if you have tried many things and nothing has made a lasting impact.

In this Podcast Episode, I will share with you that you need to consider not just your physical body when you want to get well, but all other "bodies" or "layers" as well. 

You are made up of 5 different "layers" and they are all important when it comes to healing yourself. Each layer or "body" has a key to unlock it. 

Biggest Takeaways:

  • You are made up of 5 “layers” that need to be addressed in order for you to fully heal:
  • Your physical body: Most often causes for illness are: Toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, sunshine and exposure to pathogens. Your symptom also contains a message for you as it is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong.
  • Your energetic body: Weakness and blockages in the main energy centers, “Chakras”, or a thin aura are often at the root of illness. Unresolved generational trauma can also impact you negatively as you are energetically connected to your family of origin.
  • Your emotional body: Unresolved emotions are often the root cause of chronic illness and weaken the immune system, which can lead to illness.
  • Your mental body: Negative healing beliefs can sabotage your desire for getting healthy.
  • Your spiritual body: Being disconnected from your spirit, yourself and the world is often the root cause as well as not listening to your inner voice and guidance.

Highlights of this Episode

Physical Body

 Suggestions to keep the physical body healthy (min. 10:10) Your symptom is a message from your body. Examples: Back pain and Fibromyalgia (min. 12:29)

Energetic Body

Description of the Energetic Layer: (min. 14.04) How a weak aura and taking on other people's energies can lead to illness.  You even can be negatively impacted by unresolved trauma in your family's lineage (min. 16:47)

Emotional Body

Unresolved negative emotions weaken your immune system and lead to depression, a weak immune system and illness.

Mental Body

18:40 How the mind influences your ability to heal. (min. 18:40) How to discover if you have negative healing beliefs. (min. 20:47)
How to change negative beliefs into positive ones (min.22:29)

Spiritual Body

 Tips on how to connect to your spirit (min. 25:02)

Discover How to Unlock the 5 Keys to Healing Yourself

Links mentioned in this episode:

Basic Mineral supplement I recommend: Fulvic Acid. (contains over 70 different minerals):
Keep your energetic boundaries strong
Family Constellation Therapy
“I am Healthy” guided meditation to change negative healing beliefs into positive ones.
Psych K. Energetic healing method to change beliefs

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