#1: How to Put Your Body into Healing Mode


In the very first Podcast episode, Katharina will share with you a simple, yet powerful method to shift your body into healing mode. Use it anytime you feel stressed, you want to boost your creativity or help your body heal.

Highlights of this Episode 

Light Being

You are a being of pure energy and light. The scientific principals explaining why you are truly a light Being and why it`s important you start seeing yourself in terms of energy and vibration, and not just as a solid body. (min. 4:17 )


First steps on how to raise your vibration in your physical, energetic, emotional mental and spiritual body. (min. 8:00)


What the energy centers in your body are, what their function is and why they are important for healing (min. 11:37)

Heart Chakra

How the biggest energy center in your body affects all other chakras. The research that has been done and how it affects your brainwaves. (min. 13.54)

Practice Exercise

A scientifically proven method to change your energy and bring your body into healing mode. (min. 18:06) 

Get the Extended Version of the Heart Opening Exercise from this Episode

Download just the practice exercise from this episode to take with you and practice at anytime. The audio is 20 minutes in length and the background music is recorded with Brainwave entrainment music to help you relax instantly, and without effort on your part.

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  1. This is a very powerful exercise, but it “backfired” for me. I could not bring up any feelings of love or joy and instead, I felt such overwhelming sadness that I began crying so very hard. I’m not sure I know what love and joy feel like. I suppose I could conjure up compassion when I imagine a person or animal in trouble. But this sadness is so extremely strong that I can’t override it. ?

    1. Hi S,
      Yes, this is a powerful exercise but please don`t think it “backfired” on you. Usually, the heart chakra is the place where sadness is stored and our human tendency is to suppress it. When this happens, we don`t feel the pain, but also we can not feel the joy anymore. When you focus on the heart chakra like I described in the podcast, you are opening it. Sometimes, when you have lots of stored sadness in there, it will release. This is a good thing. Even though it might feel overwhelming at first, if you cry and let it out it will leave. It is just an energy that doesn`t serve you anymore and that is stored in there. When you do, you will also be able to feel the love again, so please don`t try to override it. Hope this helps and sending blessings.

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