#18 How to Cleanse Your Aura and Chakra Energetically

What You Will Learn in this Episode

In this episode, I’ll share the transformative practice of energetically cleansing your aura and chakras. Discover the benefits of cleansing your aura, balancing your chakras, and purifying your home. Learn practical techniques to incorporate into your daily routine, gain confidence in managing your energetic health, and create a positive, uplifting environment for yourself and your loved ones—even your pets!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of energetic cleansing for overall well-being [01:20]
  • How to energetically cleanse your chakras and aura [03:13]
  • How to energetically cleanse your home and energetically help your pets [16:23]
  • Practical tips for maintaining a regular energetic cleansing routine [22:41]
  • Common pitfalls to avoid [23:10]
  • How these practices can specifically benefit sensitive women by providing a sense of clarity, peace, and empowerment [25:54]

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How to Cleanse Your Aura and Chakras Energetically

Episode Summary:

In episode 18, I share with you the essential practices of cleansing your aura and chakras to enhance your overall well-being. I'll also cover how to energetically cleanse your home and pets, and offer tips for maintaining a regular cleansing routine. 

Understanding Your Energy System

Before diving into the cleansing techniques, let's explore the basics of your body's energy system. Everything in our universe, including our bodies, is made up of energy and vibration. This creates an energy field around us, known as the biofield or aura. Within us, we have chakras, which are energetic centers along the midline of the body.


Chakras are the energy centers along the midline of the body, each associated with specific organs and emotions. When these chakras are balanced and spinning freely, we feel energetic and emotionally stable. Conversely, when they are clogged, we can experience physical discomfort and negative emotions.


The aura is the energy that surrounds your body, acting like a protective bubble. A vibrant aura enhances our charisma and attracts positive reactions from others. Regular cleansing of both the aura and chakras is crucial to prevent energy blockages and maintain overall well-being.

Techniques for Cleansing Your Aura and Chakras

Energetic cleansing is essential for maintaining balance and health. Here are some simple but effective techniques you can try:

The Waterfall Visualization

  1. Find a Comfortable Space: Sit or lie down in a quiet place. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart, the biggest energy center in your body. Try to feel emotions like love, joy, or gratitude to open your heart.

  2. Visualize the Light Waterfall: Imagine standing under a waterfall made of light. Visualize this light cascading over your body, cleansing your aura and each chakra from top to bottom.

    • Crown Chakra: Picture the light entering the top of your head, removing impurities and negative energy.
    • Third Eye Chakra: See the light flowing to the space between your eyebrows, clearing your mind.
    • Throat Chakra: Visualize the light cleansing your throat, facilitating clear communication.
    • Heart Chakra: Feel the light purify your heart, enhancing your capacity for love.
    • Solar Plexus Chakra: Allow the light to cleanse your stomach area, releasing stress and tension.
    • Sacral Chakra: Imagine the light purifying your pelvis, fostering creativity and intimacy.
    • Root Chakra: Visualize the light grounding you, connecting you to the earth.
  3. Ground the Energy: Ensure the energy flows down into the earth to be recycled, preventing it from lingering in your space.

Creating a Protective Aura

If you are highly sensitive, you can use visualization to protect your aura. Envision a blue light surrounding your energy field, forming an egg-shaped shield. This protective layer helps you maintain your vibrancy when interacting with others.

Cleansing Your Home

Just as you cleanse your body, it's important to energetically cleanse your living space:

  1. Visualize a Light Shower: After cleansing yourself, extend this visualization to your home. Picture a white light flowing into every room, particularly the corners where stagnant energy accumulates.

  2. Protective Bubble: Create a protective bubble around your home using the same blue light. This can shield your space from external negative influences.

Tips for Maintaining a Regular Cleansing Routine

To keep your energy system in optimal condition, consider the following:

  • Daily Practice: Cleanse your aura and chakras daily, preferably in the morning to set a positive tone for the day.
  • Evening Cleansing: If you've had a particularly stressful day, cleanse your energy before bed to ensure restful sleep.
  • Avoid Overdoing It: Balance is key. Don't let the fear of negative energy dominate your life. Aim for a state of unconditional love and acceptance, where you maintain your vibration regardless of external influences.

Going Beyond Personal CleansingEnergetic cleansing isn't just for you—it extends to your surroundings and even your pets.

Cleansing Your Space Energetically

Your home is an extension of your energy field. By keeping it energetically clean, you enhance your living environment and well-being. After your personal cleansing routine, visualize a white light flowing through your home, cleansing every corner. Imagine this light purifying each room, including your garden if you have one. You can also create a protective bubble around your home, similar to how you protect your aura.

Cleansing Your Pets

Pets, like humans, have energetic centers and can resonate with their owners' energy. You can use the same cleansing techniques on your pets. Visualize a light waterfall cleansing your pet's aura and chakras, removing any negative energy. This not only benefits your pet but also contributes to a harmonious home environment.

Pitfalls to Avoid

When practicing energetic cleansing, it's important to stay grounded and avoid common pitfalls:

Over-Cleansing: While regular cleansing is beneficial, overdoing it can lead to unnecessary stress and fear. Aim for balance and trust in your natural resilience.
Fear of Negative Energy: Instead of fearing negative energy, focus on maintaining a high vibration through love and acceptance. This positive approach will naturally shield you from lower vibrations.

Empowering Yourself

Remember, you have the power within you to manage and cleanse your energy. Visualization is a simple yet effective tool that you can practice every day. Don't be discouraged if it feels challenging at first. With regular practice, you'll find it easier to connect with your energy and maintain a balanced state. Trust in your ability to harness your inner strength and make these practices a part of your daily routine. You are capable, and with time, you'll notice a significant improvement in your overall well-being.

Much love,


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