#17: Breaking Free: Overcoming the ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Belief

What You Will Learn in this Episode

Beliefs determine how you view yourself, the world, and other people. They determine your state of health, well-being, success, and even your financial situation. In working with thousands of people, I realized that there is one belief that stands out, which is the "I am not good enough" belief. 

Listen to this episode to get actionable steps on how to change the "I am not good enough" belief that is holding you back right now.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Exactly a Belief is and How it Determines Your Reality
  • How Beliefs Get Formed
  • The Number One Belief that is Holding You Back Right Now
  • A Simple Yet Powerful Method to Change Your Beliefs so that You can Live a fulfilled Life

Listen to the Podcast or read the Shownotes below.

Breaking Free: Overcoming the "I’m Not Good Enough" Belief

Episode Highlights:

Introduction (0:29 - 1:48): Dive straight into the heart of the matter as we explore the negative effects of the "I am not good enough" belief. Discover how it infiltrates every aspect of your life, from relationships to career, and learn why it's time to challenge and change it.

Understanding Beliefs (1:48 - 5:30): Gain clarity on beliefs' inner workings and energetic components and how they shape your reality. Learn why it's crucial to recognize and challenge the limiting beliefs that dictate your thoughts and actions.

The Number One Belief (5:30 - 8:55): Uncover the pervasive nature of the "I am not good enough" belief and its detrimental impact on your self-esteem and potential.

Changing Beliefs (8:55 - 22:08):

The STAR Process (8:55 - 12:18): Explore the transformative STAR process to change beliefs using the power of energy healing.

Mirror Exercise (12:52 - 20:56): Immerse yourself in a powerful mirror exercise designed to shift your self-perception. Experience the profound impact of self-love and acceptance as you confront and release beliefs of inadequacy.

I Am Loved Guided Meditation (12:18 - 22:08): Use guided audio healing meditations that contain binaural beats to reprogram your subconscious for self-lov. Harness the healing power of affirmations and visualization to cultivate a deep sense of self-worth and fulfillment.

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Links mentioned in this Episode:

Transform limiting beliefs through the power of energy healing. Book a Rapid Emotional Clearing session:  https://drkatharina.com/rapid-emotional-clearing/

Change your beliefs through the power of brainwave entrainment technology: I am love(d) guided healing meditation audio: https://drkatharina.com/product/i-am-loved/


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