Soy- healthy or not?

A common health myth is that soy is health.  Most people believe this myth as the soy industry has done a good job in convincing us that soy foods like soy milk and tofu are “healthy for your heart”. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

Most soy (around 80% to 90%) consumed in the U.S. is made from genetically modified organism. (GMO). Also, unfermented soy negatively affects proper absorption of minerals and vitamins. This is due to the fact that it contains “anti-nutrients” like saponins, soyatoxin, phytates, trypsin inhibitors, goitrogens and phytoestrogens.

Many researches have linked excess consumption of soy to

  • hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)
  • infertility
  • malnutrition
  • digestive disorders
  • immune system disorders and even 
  • cancer. 

If you suffer from any of these conditions, I strongly advise you to avoid unfermented soy completely. Other issues with unfermented soy are extremely high aluminum contents and estrogen- like factors in soy that can confuse the body’s delicate hormonal system. In fact, drinking two glasses of soy milk per day is enough to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is even worse for babies fed with infant formula containing soy: some studies show infants fed soy containing formula have up to thousands of time higher amounts of estrogen in their bloodstream. That is why you should never, under any circumstance feed your baby soy containing infant formula.

The picture is different for fermented soy, which has lost its “anti-nutrient” properties due to the process it underwent and is therefore, healthy. Fermented soy products are: Miso, Tempeh, Natto, (fermented) Soy sauce.

Please note: Fermented soy products are only truly healthy if they are organic. Tofu is unfermented and not recommended. Most soy sauce in stores and restaurants are GMO and unfermented. Always check the label!

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