#4: 10 Tips to Recover from a Narcissistic Relationship: The Empath-Narcissist Connection

Many people who are drawn to energy healing are empaths. As an empath, it is easy for you to feel what other people feel as you have a unique ability to energetically merge with another person.

However, empaths are also often drawn to narcissistic personalities and the Empath-Narcissist relationship is very common and unfortunately, very detrimental to the empath.

In today’s episode, I will share with you the energetics behind such a relationship, how you can break free and recover your lost sense of self-esteem, and most importantly, show you what you can learn from such a relationship so that you don’t have to repeat the lesson ever again.

Biggest Takeaways:

Tip 1: Admit that You Are Not Okay in the Relationship and Face the Truth Min: 14:02

It can be painful to admit that you are in an abusive relationship. However, facing the truth is a necessary step towards healing.

Here are some things to consider and ask yourself these questions: How are you feeling on a daily basis? Do you feel fatigued, anxious, small and powerless? Did you suddenly develop an illness? How did you feel about yourself before you entered this relationship? Did your life significantly change? Do you feel like you have to walk on eggshells? Do your needs and desires count in the relationship? Do you often do things against your better knowing just to keep the peace? How much contact do you still have with your friends and family? Have they noticed changes within you or even told you, you have become a different person? Do you feel disconnected from yourself and your intuition and have lost the ability to know what’s best for you?

These are not easy, but very important questions to ask yourself. Admitting to yourself what’s going on in your relationship doesn’t mean you have failed or there’s something wrong with you!

Tip 2: Increase the Energy in Your Solar Plexus Min: 16.49

Because the Narcissist and the Empath share an unhealthy energetic cord on the Solar Plexus level, the Narcissist can energetically control the other person. Therefore, it is important to first increase the energy in the Solar Plexus before cutting this cord. (See below) You can do so by meditating and bringing awareness to your Solar Plexus Chakra (right where the stomach area is). Imagine a bright sun emanating from your power center and strengthening your chakra. Since energy follows attention, this is a very simple but effective method. Additionally, you can put one hand on the Solar Plexus and gently rub it in a clockwise motion to energize it.

Tip 3: Recover Your Sense of Self-Worth and Self-Esteem Min. 18:23

Losing your sense of self-worth and self-esteem is a hallmark of the Empath-Narcissist relationship. That’s why it’s important to remember all that you are capable of and what you have already accomplished in your life. Make a list of all your past accomplishments that you are proud of. Write down at least 20 things. This might sound a lot but trust me, I know you can do it if you also focus on the so-called smaller things. Carry the list with you and read through it every day. When you do, allow yourself to feel the emotions of the past event so that it’s not just a mental exercise.

Tip 4: Change Your Subconscious Beliefs Min.20:23

What you believe about yourself determines how you feel and act. That’s why it is important to work on your subconscious beliefs so that they are in alignment with who you want to be. To instill a positive belief put one hand on your heart chakra and gently rub it in a clock wise motion while saying (or thinking) the positive belief. Make sure to allow yourself to feel the energy of the sentence. Say each sentence three times, four times daily for at least six weeks.

Examples of positive healing beliefs are:

  • I am good the way I am.
  • I am worthy of having a great life.
  • I love myself completely.
  • I trust in my abilities.
  • I know and honor my boundaries.

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Tip 5: Channel Love into Yourself  Min. 24:21

To heal yourself it is important you don`t forget you are worthy of love, no matter what other people say. Walking in nature and connecting to trees and feeling the love of the universe is one way to remember your inner sense of self-worth. You can also put your hands on your heart and think about someone you love, and then channel that love directly into your own body.

Tip 6: Strengthen Your Energetic Boundaries Min. 26:32

Energy follows attention. This means that when you focus your awareness on your physical boundary, which is your skin, you can increase your energetic boundaries. Visualizing a protective blue bubble around your body is another way to become more aware of your own space. More info here: Cleanse your aura and chakras

Tip 7: Cut the Energetic Cord between You and The Narcissist: Min. 29:32

The Empath and Narcissist share an unhealthy connection on the solar plexus level. Visualizing a white light that removes the cord can be beneficial, especially if you have already strengthened your solar plexus first. More tips here: How to cut energy cords

Tip 8: Leave the Relationship as quickly as possible Min. 32: 05

This is the most important, but also the hardest step to take. Most likely, the thought of leaving the relationship is anxiety provoking for you. Know, that this is normal. However, hoping that things will change or that your partner will change leaves you nowhere and will only prolong your suffering.
If you feel like you don’t have enough courage (yet) to leave the relationship, strengthen your sense of self-worth and confidence first until you feel strong enough to make a decision and move on. 

Tip 9: Seek out Help Min. 33:23

Dealing with narcissistic abuse all by yourself can feel overwhelming. Confiding in a friend and asking for help is important. Of course, working with a licensed therapist can also be very empowering and healing.

Tip 10: Release Victimhood and see the Bigger Picture Min. 33:54

Once you have stepped away from the relationship and have healed, you might be able to see the bigger picture. What have you learned and gained during this process? Thinking about what you have gained vs. what you have lost can help you move away from feeling like a victim to an empowered sense of self.

Highlights of this Episode 

The energetic connection between an Empath and a Narcissist

Understanding how the energies flow between you and the Narcissist is crucial to your recovery. Minute: 0:34

What do you think?

Leave your comment or question below and I will get back to you.

Much love,

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  1. Yes i experinced this 11 years ago. A woman contacted me online and after a couple of days writing looking at her pictures i got strange feeling in solar plexus. We fell in love and we met for real 3 months later. But just my nice happy passionate behaviour got her trigged. So we did briefly hugged and kissed eachother, but she was mostly cold,,and then she got incredible cruel, downplaying me.and killed me totally, but i remained calm. So she went home to her country and we had contact in 2 months but could never talk about it, she refused to answer a mail i send , and then suddenly after a week she wrote something and wished me well, the I told her about the strange feelings in my solarplexus during our contact but she was just uninterested. She was in to meditaion and coaching, found out that she was doing meditating that was from a hindu cult organisation etc, i found out everything during all theese years, i was suicidal for a year, but got help from a soulmate, im now healed thank god!

    1. Hi Lex,
      It seemed like your intuition was already telling you something was off when you met her. You could feel this in your solar plexus.
      I am glad to hear you are doing better now and that you found your soulmate!
      Much love to you both!

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